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  1. No, as i said before, it's really only a small consideration. I would make no attempt at guard or protection training. I would just consider it a bonus, if the breed is likely to bark at intruders, rather than lick them to death. But as it is the least important factor, it is why I am still considering breeds such as golden retriever and labrador. I currently have expressions out for GSD, Malinois and Golden Retriever. Unfortunately, rescue groups are not responding, and no breeders I have contacted are having litters any time soon. Covid border closures pretty much rules out NSW so
  2. These rescue agencies are all very slow to respond, or i just get absolutely nothing. (And social media comments from others seem to show that this is standard across the board). I'm really starting to understand why puppy farms are (unfortunately) so successful.
  3. That brings me to my current gripe. I have actually been trying to adopt/rescue several dogs over the course of the last few weeks. And whilst I most certainly meet the standard rescue criteria (large yard, always home, active lifestyle, lots of experience), none of these rescue agencies have made any effort to contact me after submitting applications. Except for one... They have a young Rotty (looks like cross with labrador) puppy up for adoption. But the rescue agency has a strict policy, that they will not give a puppy under 6 months old, to someone who doesn't currently have a dog.
  4. Yes, I absolutely considered the bernese. But i consulted the wife and she ruled it out for being too big, and too hairy The malinois vs GSD is a real toss up for me. I think it might just come down to availability between the 2. Also, malinois are quite energetic, and can be a real handful at the best of times
  5. Hi all. I'm just after a bit of advice and some breed suggestions. I'll start with my own background. I'm not new to DOL, I just haven't used this forum for about 10 years, and thus, a new account. I used to show Siberian Huskies, and as a kid, I excelled quite well with junior handling. Over my life I have had a lot of experience with many breeds, I have owned a few, and most recently I have been fostering military working dogs (malinois) on and off. I do not currently own a dog, and haven't for a few years. I live in Southeast QLD, I have a cat and 2 children aged 4 and 5 (who desp
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