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  1. Sorry, but I'm a senior and am wondering why there are so few puppies for sale and why the prices have jumped into the thousands of dollars for the few that are for sale? It wasn't so long ago that you could get a little dog for well under $500 to $1000 Actually, I can remember seeing JRT and JRT x Mini Foxy pups for sale for $150 only a few years ago. Now seniors on fixed incomes that are used to having a little dog as a companion cannot afford to have one any longer. The prices I've seen advertised are astronomical! Some dogs are upwards of $5000 - $10,000 which is a fair proportion of an average pensioner's annual income. I've had dogs all of my life and have always taken excellent care of them. I have always carried RSPCA pet insurance and give them regular veterinary care. I buy top quality food for my dogs as well. Dogs are extremely important to seniors especially if they live alone. They can be the sole source of love and companionship for some older people. I imagine that fewer dogs are being bred because of the pandemic but I don't see the pandemic being a viable reason for such a huge jump in prices. I think there is a fair amount of price gouging going on. I don't mean to offend anyone but am just wondering. Rococo.
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