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  1. As we are now finding out from a few breeders on this web site, Unfortunately we didnt get one from Breeder who has now been informed of the complaint that has been lodged about him. Dont really want to discuss it any more as it is now our problem that we will deal with as needed.
  2. Hi dogsfevr we are currently waiting to hear back from breeder to get his opinion on the matter will keep you posted.
  3. Interesting because we are at the moment waiting to hear back from breeder for some of his advice on the issue?? will keep you posted on reply / response.
  4. just to let you know asal. The Vet of his had noted it on the vaccination Cert so he didn't really have a excuse not to let us know in my opinion?? Interestingly though we probably would have still taken her anyway but would have definately done a bit of research to find out what we were going to be up for with the fault she has.. Have been in touch with breeder to ask if any of the other pups had similar faults & if not was it fair that he still charged us full price for our pup?? All good will see how it ends eventually.
  5. been some interesting reading on this issue so far?? Had a chance to talk to a specialist the other day & he said that the sort of unfortunate issue our girl is that she has copped a double whammy?? Born with a shorter lower jaw & has what they refer to as narrowing of the K9's ?? The K9's are sticking into the roof of her mouth? at the moment we are a bit lost at what to do for her but am going to hope the Specialist is right in the option of removing the troublesome teeth?? They have also said that the breeder should have been more honest about the condition prior to taking the pup
  6. hi Jemappelle. She is an Australian Red Cattle Pup.
  7. Hi Dogsfevr. Just reiterating that the Vet is concerned for the pup at the moment because the teeth are already sticking into the roof of her mouth which is why we are going to give the minor option a try to help the teeth comming through realign ?? This is no ordinary Vet it is a specialist clinic that we have had no issues with before with our past 2 dogs. Puppy contracts are not used in Australia most sales are done on good merit & no insurance was offered with puppy. Yes we took the pup but were not told prior about the fault we were informed of this on day of pickup?? As I
  8. Thanks for the replies but one thing I forgot to mention in first post was that the reason the Vet is concerned is because her teeth are already starting to punch holes on the roof of her mouth?? Not minor overbite it,s a moderate one at the moment?? And no was not listed in sales contract we were informed the day of pick up of pup.
  9. Hi There, Have just taken ownership of a new pup after the loss of our old boy over 10 months ago. the new girl is a lovely dog & full of energy & life she has brought a smile back to both of us & home feels like a home once again. Only thing I was checking about was the issue that we purchased from a registered breeder o this site did everything as asked by breeder etc?? Paid Deposit at 2 weeks Paid in full at 6weeks. Dog has had first Vacinations etc . Went to pick dog up via 7 hour Road trip to be told on the day of pickup that dog had a slight Fault?? Which is a Overbite. We ha
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