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  1. I've tried all night and morning, mum won't relax she is just staring at them drooling loke she wants to eat them, she nips at them when I put them close. I put a muzzle on her and she just goes crazy. I want them to be on her but she is making it hard.
  2. Our female dog just had puppies, We have hand fed at the vet due to them but latching straight away and mum being abit to rough. What do I do ? Do I continue to hand feed? This is the first time I've had dramas like this with a litter. She will not settled when we bring her the puppies, she will not lay down to feed them just over excited and rough. I'm too scared to let her any closer incase she harms them. Any suggestions welcome.
  3. Can someone please tell me the difference between main papers and limited papers what do they look like I'm worried that I paid extra for main papers and I got Limited my papers are blue
  4. Can someone please tell me what main and Limited papers look like in Queensland. I'm worried that I got stitched up and got given limited papers when I paid extra for Main
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