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  1. Hello Gretel and Dogsfevr, I really appreciate your stories and experiences. I was moved by your story Dogsfevr and the encouragement, also Gretel your vet experience removing an eye. I have never thought of it before the last couple of days, but would never had thought that dogs could be better off without one of their eyes (and the pain!) Things might have turned a corner today. Over the weekend Annies internal medicine vet saw Annies eye and sent a picture to the ophthalmologist here in Jackson County, Oregon, who got us in today. They are doing a
  2. Hello Gretel and Dogsfevr, That sure is encouraging. Annies problem is that she has cataracts in both eyes so likely she couldn't see at all. A friend suggested putting her down. I'm hoping that it won't have to come to that. We love her and don't want to lose her, until now even with her various issues, she seemed to be able to have quality of life. Em and Annie
  3. Dogsfevr and other new friends who have responded here. I really do appreciate all your feedback. Annies situation has become even more worrisome. I fortunately had a follow up appointment with an Internal Medicine Vet regarding a meds reaction that Annie had 2 weeks ago. This woman/vet has alot of expertise and took a photo of Annies eye and sent it to a vet who is the local animal eye surgeon/eye specialist. She said was very concerned (she knows I am as well) about Annies ulcer...She arranged an appointment to see the specialist tomorrow which I am grateful for
  4. I appreciate everyone feedback. I will check with the Vet monday after the holiday, also giving her excellent treats is a good idea. Will do and I'm sure she will love it!! She loves food and treats. Also re: Dame Dannys Darlings thought that there's nothing worse than meds that taste terrible or hurt. She has to take Gabapentin that is liquid and bitter, The new compounding pharmacist said he could make it and add some tuna flavor to it. Was so happy to hear that. Em and Annie
  5. Thanks for this suggestion. I will check with the the first of the week, I'm in the US in Oregon and everyone is on holiday. . Its day two now and she seems to only cry a short time, so maybe it will go away totally over the weekend. Interesting that you treat rabbits and guinea pigs. Would enjoy hearing more. thank you Em and Annie.
  6. The drops that the vet gave her are Gentamicin Opth solution for the ulcer and Neo/poly/dex opth drops for the conjunctivitis. When I put the drops in her eye she crys and trys to wipe the drops from her eyes. I looked up the drops and they and they do seem to cause stinging for a minute or so. Does anyone have suggestions regarding this? does it get better as her eyes heal?
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