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  1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions - most appreciated. I will use the bucket inside a bucket screwed to post idea. Also the idea of the clamshell for her to play in is one for serious consideration. Either that or some metal baking dishes. Maybe she'll leave the water bowl alone if she has other places for water games. Oh boy then there really will be a constant mess on our white tiles inside. As long as she can have fun and have a water bowl full all the time doesn't matter.
  2. Not a metal waterbowl. Its green plastic. The supposed paw proof bowls have an insert floating on top of the water with a depression to allow a small amount to be available to lap up. She just jumps on it delighting in the water splashing out of it.
  3. We have a new pup and she is rather georgeus but has a problem keeping out of the water bowl. She can't stop herself from pawing at the bowl and in fact dances with her two front paws in the bowl until empty. We bought a couple of new water bowls advertised as a perfect foil for this behaviour. $70 Down the gurgler. She quickly pulled them apart and emptied them both in about 30 seconds. Looked at some of the bottle feed Jobs but not convinced. Love to hear any ideas on what to get so we can relax knowing the dogs always have water.
  4. Thanks all - we were able to find that our dog, Cassi, is in fact currently held in the homesafe ID site. Our contact who is helping us get the rego transferred works for or with them. Thanks all for the helpful comments
  5. Seems like there are quite a few of these around. We are in the process of getting a chip re registered in our names and found this site It seems for $24 you can update your pets details in their database - all very easy - a bit too easy I thought - We are attempting to get a chip regd in our name via HomeSafeID and communicating with a helpful lady who reckons she's never heard of the above site. She is helping us get the job done and it looks like a couple more steps and were done. There was a mess up initially with the paper work when we adopted a pup a few years ago. We were told the newly chipped pup's rego details would be automatically updated to show us as the owners. We paid our adoption fees and all good. Or so we thought until we attempted to find out if we were the regd owners earlier this year. We are not as it turns out and we've been having the devils own job getting things sorted out. To make matters worse We adopted a new pup last week and same thing happened only this time we got some papers but as we found out on getting home with our new little mate we find the papers are for a different dog. We've sent those back to the rescue group but as yet no paperwork forthcoming. We have the pup's chip number but she's not registered to us again GRRRR!!! Looks like were in for a similar ride. Is there a central website one can log in and check the details of a chip?
  6. Our 10 year old terrier cross Astro succumbed to severe renal disease in Feb this year. He was blind and such a sweet boy who is badly missed. Our other dog Cassie a Jack Russell mix seems happy enough but I am pretty sure she also misses her doggie mate. Recently we began searching for another small dog as we have always found two is pretty right for us. There's a pic of our Astro [aka Dobby] below We have tried facebook adoption groups and websites selling dogs so far. The dogs for sale websites look rather dodgy I have to say. The face book links seem never to be up to date or dogs are gone before we get a chance to get an application in. A rescue dog would be fine but also considering breeds to get the right dog. Anything up to 4-5 years old is good My question is: Does any one have advice on the best way to go about our quest?
  7. Have a ten year old healer terrier cross here although not that old he went blind 3 years ago and he has gone from being super high energy to very low energy. His blindness hit suddenly and within a few days he could not see a thing. So he seems old now getting about ok until recently he went off his food. Vet tells us he is experiencing pretty severe renal problems. We have been given aluminium hydroxide tabs to help bind phosphorus but we cant get him t take them. Mixed with tasty morsels like mince or steak and he wont eat it although he'll eat a bit of beef or ham. Not quite sure where to go from here. Hopefully someone can help with some advice or personal experience with mediating recalcitrant canines. thanks in advance ray
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