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  1. Christ! For 99.9% of the time the freedom/ fence thing works! The dogs have freedom. I have freedom. All is good. The dogs have exercise. I spend ebery day with my dogs. I am really concerned about the couriers, but it , yeah it does stress me as well. Frick the internal fences: that is what I am up here for; freedom for me and my guys. I have as was said given up on changing stupid policy and will try to educated our regular delivery guy
  2. OK. I fully believe that the magic benefit of have 2HA is that the guys have freedom. Restrictive fencing is NOT the answer, or if it is, the whole pointof 2 HA is lost. I have fence electric barrier and wit 2 HA the dogs still have a massive room to move. Seriously, if you are that paranoid about people throwing stuff and baiting your dogs, you have a problem. Go and talk to your neighbours and try to make friends with their dogs and do not live in fear. I am talking rescues with severe fear and what? Judgment and lectures?
  3. My dogs run around and bark at strangers, including couriers. The courier companies ask....demand?.... of me to take care of this. Some couriers are very scared of dogs, justifiably or not. I live on 2 Ha with 3 dogs. I have had packages dropped into the bush at the gate and one left on top of the gate-post. I have repeatedly talked to the companies of putting in place a system of giving reasonable warning of the arrival of a package, so I can restrain my dogs. I will do that, for a morning, or a couple of hours, NOT all day and obviously not for a fortnight or whatever.
  4. WOW! Well obviously the answer is that the partner goes! You may be able to split from such a new puppy...but...The guy is an irresponsible ***** with very poor values about helpless beings, who thinks that funny means doing things to them, that may harm them, is funny. When does "may harm them" cross over into "will harm them"? But there are problems here. Can you easily separate from your partner? Finances etc. I used to regularly walk the dog at a park by the river. One afternoon a guy and his girlfriend came with their dog. We had not seen them before. In front of o
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