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  1. Thabks Dogsfvr, I haven't looked at that breed yet, will look into them.
  2. Thanks Scratch. Sounds like I'm on the money with the border, but keen to check out other options too so thanks. It is hard to find a puppy atm too, so maybe not bad being open to a couple of breeds.
  3. Haha love it. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll do some research on westies
  4. Yeah I need something a little more portable now to fit in the car...my boys are only getting bigger! Thanks for replying!
  5. Hi I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this forum! I am a lifelong dog owner who, for the first time in 32 years, is dogless after losing my old kelpie. I have had border collies mostly, a golden retriever and a little silky/daschund mix who was the best dog ever! So this time around, no longer living on acres, I want to steer clear of the borders and kelpies and get something more adapted to suburban life. I am drawn to terriers and have been enquiring about border terriers (one breeder has puppies coming soon which I have been
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