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  1. Hi Deeds...booked in for her xray tomorrow. Will have a look at SASH, thankyou.
  2. On Friday I took my beautiful little Ruby to the Vet as she had developed a cough. Not continuous but every now and then she would cough. It sounds dry. She had also gone off her food. This started on the Tuesday but I couldn't get an appointment till Friday (in Sydney, in a lockdown LGA so appointments are difficult). The cough had eased somewhat and she was eating a bit better by the time we got there. The Vet suggested some blood tests and a steroid injection which of course I agreed to. $300.00 later and she has today told me that Ruby had a very high lymphocyte count, and she would like to do another lot of blood tests(which she could check in the surgery in 30 minutes). I have just come back after this second blood test and her lymphocytes are still very high. Some of her lymph nodes are slightly enlarged. They have now suggested xrays, biopsy of some lymph node and a dexafort injection - a cost of $1000.00. She suspects Lymphoma. Please do not think for 1 second that I begrudge paying, because I do not. It's just that never in her 11.5 years has she needed anything like this so I'm not sure if this is the normal cost for something like this. Has anyone had a dog diagnosed with Lymphoma and what was the prognosis? We rescued Ruby when she was 3 months old, from the RSPCA. She was surrended to them and had suffered sever trauma to her front left leg so bad that they had to amputate. I seen this sorry looking 3 month old, 3 legged puppy with fur like steel wool, and a shaved, stitched patch and fell instantly in love with her!! We are all heartbroken. Thank you in advance. I appreciate everyone's feedback and experiences. Photo to show you just how beautiful she is ♥
  3. It was more like she was seeing things that weren't there, taking her by surprise. Started outside and continued inside.
  4. We don't have these. The issue started when she was outside and continued inside - worse in the light
  5. The rawhide was one that you buy loose, just from the local Petcare 2000. The shampoo is made by Yours Droolly and contains: Ingredients: Ingredients used in this product are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This shampoo is made from two extracts of natural oils extracted from coconuts, in a mild surfactant (sudsing) base, Aloe Vera Extract, coloured with FDA approved food colouring, pH adjusted by addition of citric acid, BP Grade. It is formulated and tested without cruelty to animals. Does not contain Palm oil
  6. We have cane palms and the neighbour has the big queen palms. From googling, neither are toxic to dogs. I did just find some information that suggests this hallucinating behaviour could be a pre cursor to epilepsy
  7. Thank you everyone. She was outside most of the day yesterday as my daughter was home and outside with her. Fine until 1.00pm when she had to go to work. So the behaviours started outside. SHe was worse inside in the light...wanting to hide under the table. At the Vet she was not as bad but she was absolutely hyper! She ate the activated charcoal with mince with no issue. She has been sleeping most of today but is now back to her usual happy self. We do not have any oil burners or candles outside. The only two things we did differently on Sunday was 1. Gave her a rawhide chew after her bath 2. Bathed her in a new shampoo I am worried if someone threw something over the fence and she ate it but we live in a quiet and friendly neighbourhood. Next door neighbours extremely huge palm trees do drop little seeds and if she found one she definitley would eat it...she is a Labrador! We did video her and showed the vet and she felt like something was ingested causing the behaviour. She can access the succulents but hasn't really touched them. Moved them today anyway.
  8. Please help with any experience that anyone may have had with this... Up at 7am, played and fed Indi then went to work. Daughter was up at 8am, and took Indi for a walk at 9am for about 15 minutes. Indi was great, no issues whatsoever. My daughter left for work at 1pm and I got home at 4.30pm. As soon as I walked out the back I could sense something was wrong. Indi seemed nervous. It was like she was scared. Over time she became worse - like a paranoia - jumping, staring at the cupboard door the turning quickly like someone had scared her. Staring at the wall and jumping nervously, then she started like she was snapping at flies. I took her to the 24 hour Emergency Vet. When we got there she was so hyped up she was not displaying the signs we had seen at home. I tried to explain to the Vet and she felt that Indi may have ingested a hallucinogen - a type of plant. The problem with this is that we have fenced our yard off so Indi is only in one part of the yard and there are only a couple of plants...succulents, white butterfly and some palm trees in pots. We do not have any of the plants she suggested...sugo palm, deadly nightshade, olliander. She had no access to snail or rat bait in our yard and has not been fed onions, garlic or anything. Her heart rate and temperature were fine and she ate the treats without a problem. She also ate dinner when we were home so it isnt affecting her appetite. Vet suggested we give her activated charcoal and to take her to our vet tomorrow. She emailed information through immediately. During the car ride home she seemed okay. Once we got home she started the behaviours again. I gave her some beef mince and mixed the activated charcoal through which she gobbled up. The behaviours continued until she dosed off on the floor but again she jumped up like something was frightening her. She also won't settle with me and she is usually extremely affectionate. Its like she cannot settle and she is seeing things that aren't there. I have had Indi since she was 8 weeks and she has never shown any of these symptoms before. She is a very confident, happy puppy normally. This is frightening me. She is eating fine, drinking fine and going to the toilet normally. Does anyone have any idea about this? We will take her to our Vet tomorrow but was just hoping for some insight into what it could possible be. Thank you
  9. Researching dry dog food and trying to learn about all the differences. Has anyone tried this Pet Food Australia brand? Any thoughts on ingredients? https://www.petfoodaustralia.com.au/product/turkey-dry-food/
  10. Thank you everyone. Indi is doing really well with her training and is much better away from the other puppies!! She is definitely hyper but not anything that i didn't think was normal for a lab! Was just curious on what others thought about the protein as I had no idea. And just a little brag...we have been working very hard on the 'sit at the open door and wait to be invited through'...today she has mastered it! Smart as a whip!!!
  11. Just wanted to find put what peoples thoughts are on too much protein for puppy. Our Labrador is now 3 months and she is on Blackhawk Puppy along with meaty bones etc. She is super hyper and at training a couple of people have suggested that the 30% protein in the Blackhawk is too much and it can increase hyperactivity. They have suggested I find a dry food with less protein and one even suggested to take her off the puppy dry. Any suggestions?
  12. Thank you everyone. Great info on the grain free. Our Ruby was on it due to allergies but has not been eating it for a while. Indi has arrived and is settling in well. Ruby does not approve at this stage!!!!
  13. Hi everyone Our little black ball of fun will be joining us this weekend. We are excited and nervous! Introducing her to our 11 year Pomeranian x, Ruby, that we rescued when she was 3 months old is going to be fun - she isn't much of a dog lover!! The breeder is currently feeding her Eukenuba but I prefer the Wellness Core as it is grain free. We have fed Ruby on this for quite a few years and she has only just started turning her nose up at it. Of course if we were to change the food over it would be done gradually to avoid any tummy upsets. What does everyone think of the Wellness Core brand? Or is there something else you would suggest in terms of premium dry food? We will also be incorporating meaty bones, sardines, yoghurt etc into her diet. Thanking you in advance ☺
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