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  1. Thank you everyone. Great info on the grain free. Our Ruby was on it due to allergies but has not been eating it for a while. Indi has arrived and is settling in well. Ruby does not approve at this stage!!!!
  2. Hi everyone Our little black ball of fun will be joining us this weekend. We are excited and nervous! Introducing her to our 11 year Pomeranian x, Ruby, that we rescued when she was 3 months old is going to be fun - she isn't much of a dog lover!! The breeder is currently feeding her Eukenuba but I prefer the Wellness Core as it is grain free. We have fed Ruby on this for quite a few years and she has only just started turning her nose up at it. Of course if we were to change the food over it would be done gradually to avoid any tummy upsets. What does everyone think of the Well
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