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  1. Thankyou everyone. I would never give money online, she's is a few hours away. Apparently she wasn't fit for the breeding program, never had a litter, so been treated as a family pet (which now they want gone?). Maltese x pug, a weird looking thing haha think we will find something closer to home anyway. Thanks for the info regarding desexing older dogs.
  2. Hi, We are thinking of adopting a dog online who is a pug x, she is 3 years old and not desexed. I've done some googling and can't get a clear answer on long term health issues. I've read there's a big increase chance of cancer. All dogs we have owned have been desexed within the first year so we are in two minds of whether to go for this one. Apparently she couldn't produce any litters for the breeder so she's been sent packing. Anyone advice would be great! thankyou
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