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  1. Hi all my lovely 9 yr old Berner was diagnosed today. I had taken her to the vet because she had a cough and vet found the swollen nodes and he said if I planned chemo I need to find someone ASAP. There are limited options in VIC and 3 were booked until 24Th-ish and only one of those was willing to review the file for urgency. The long weekend is not helping I have emailed the file to all the places I could find on Google that I couldn’t reach today. I am panicking - 4 week prognosis if nothing is done so waiting til the appointments seems too late I am not sure if I don’t get contacted by anyone by late next week to start Prednisolone because at least that buys a bit more quality time and better than doing nothing. OR do I just try taking her to a affiliated emergency dept. for her cough and hope they will take her in. I just don’t know such a gamble! I do feel a bit bad about all these sick animals needing help and not enough specialists to go around. i did need that rant so thanks for reading. If you have any insights to share I would be grateful
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