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  1. Ok so my girl is perfectly healthy . It was a price difference as to pup only or for her to come with main. Which when i realised what was going on they wanted an extra 3000 for the papers. That is why I am asking the question as to what exactly it fully means. She is perfectly healthy. Beautiful tempament and for their hormones preferred to have a maximum of 2 litres which I only wanted to give her one before having her desexed. It was the massive price difference as to whether I wanted to go ahead with it and what it fully meant
  2. She is completely healthy. Her line runs really clean and healthy. But due to her being a girl and crwam in colour and has blue they set her at a price and what i didnt no is that price was pet only so if i wanted main papers it was an extra 2000
  3. Well she just doesnt come with the full papers. So theres main papers or pup only. So basically not meant to breed her
  4. Hey Guys I purchased a French bulldog pup whom I wanted to breed her. Her papers say Pup only. Does this mean I cannot breed her ?
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