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  1. I’ll start off by saying he will be going to the vet first thing in the morning, I live in a very rural area that does not have any after hours hospitals/vets that I nor google are aware of.I’ll try being as detailed as possible. So Friday, everything was perfectly fine and I didn’t notice anything different and he was just him happy little self eating just fine. Fast forward to Saturday morning, I wake up to a puddle of very watery with what looked like little tissue bits in it of diarrhea. At this point I thought he may have just ate something he shouldn’t have. The day continues and he has not eaten or drank anything. He has diarrhea again, this time it’s watery brown with a red tint. So at this point my first thoughts are parvo. The only thing I thought to do was immediately find a way to keep him hydrated so I took a syringe and forced some water in him about every 45min to an hour. Fast forward to today, he still hasn’t eaten anything. However, he is drinking water on his own and has started eating grass. I did give him a very small amount of pepto bismol just to try and settle his stomach some. He is very lethargic most of the time but if I show him his toy he does become eager to play. So he does seem sick most of the time and others he seems relatively normal. He isn’t vomiting, and so far there has been no diarrhea today but he did have a bowel movement that was still diarrhea but not like it was before. This time it seemed to have more of a form to it then just a puddle but what’s concerning me about this one is that it is much darker in color than it normally is and when I cleaned the mess, I could see a bright red outline. So it looks as though it’s possibly both digested and fresh blood due to the color. I wouldnt Say it was black, but was a very dark brown that is a very different color than his normal bowel movements. I’m not sure what I can do to help him at this point and I’m just looking for any suggestions until I can get to a vet tomorrow. The bloody stool is most concerning to me but I’m also worried about the not eating and lethargy. Any help is appreciated Sorry for the photos but I feel like a visual is better than describing it. the real watery red tint is from day 1 of whatever this is. The other photo is from just a few moments ago.
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