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  1. Dogs And Guilt - Your Experiences

    my BC isnt known as Mo by my OH for nothing..... he thinks my BC is Emo and puts on her "Mo" face all the time.......apparently she ALWAYS trying to make me feel guilty.... for everything..... i think its true.... lol
  2. Whose Dog Prefers To Sleep Outside?

    must b e a BC thing cos O-Ren prefers to be inside mostly... until the coldest part of the early mornings....about 4am... and she wants to go out... then 6-7am... come back in for a snuggly sleep in...... and then she attempts to HIDE so she doesnt get kicked out before i go to work.... wtf???
  3. Pet Insurance

    O-ren is on Medibank private silver (mid range cover) $14/fortnight covers like 10k per yr i think...... $400 excess i think cos she is over 5
  4. Titan - Amstaff X

  5. Dogs Have Beautiful Eyes

    stunning! i agree, all dogs have mezmorizing eyes
  6. Riley Roo

    riley riley long legs!!!!! still so handsome!
  7. New Possumless Home Needed

    free to good home: border collie, home must have neighbours that DONT own lawnmowers every fortnight...........stupid Miss O-Ren must sound the 'house alarm' monotone bark for the 2hours it takes for neighbours to use their EVIL ride-ons as for possums? she crawls under the bed whimpering at the SUGGESTION they might be out there ;)
  8. Buddy

    What a handsome boy! Sounds like fun too
  9. Stafford Fans

    Awwww! hope she is doing better
  10. When Good Dogs Turn Bad

    she was makin it more comfortable? O-Ren claws the carpet whilst spinning in a circle like a cat to make it more 'comfy'
  11. Just A Few Recent Pics I'm Happy With

    that BC 'thousand yard stare'
  12. Help Me Pick A Photo

    Number 1
  13. Off You Go, Bo

    her brassy personality immortalised in hearts and minds alike RIP Bo
  14. Ace

    RIP Ace Ace will run free a pup forever in spirit and in your heart