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  1. Thanks for the advice! Is it common for breeders to test the parents for health problems or is it something only the top breeders do? Thanks for the advice! I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because he’s recommended by a breeder I respect.
  2. I thought it was common practice (before or after birth) to visit the parents based on most of the posts I’ve read. Most of them saying “If you can’t visit the parents, beware”. Thanks for the advice! Yeah, that’s understandable or he could be trying to hide something (sanitary condition, number of breeds he is breeding, etc) which I don’t think he is. I thought it was common practice to see the parents before birth. Thanks for pointing that out that it’s not common practice. Based on my interpretation and the number of posts recommending to see
  3. He did an ultrasound. That’s how he was able to give me a date estimate. He doesn’t have a waiting list and didn’t take deposits so that’s a good sign! My gut is a 50/50 because there might be a valid reason for not allowing us to visit the farm. But mainly because he was recommended by another breeder which I believe breeds for quality because she told me about her process and procedures. This is my first time hearing about this. I thought it would be COVID-related but we’re in VIC and we are free to roam around eventhough a nursing home!
  4. I’m looking to bring a puppy into our family. I found this breeder who has a litter due in 6 weeks. When I got in contact with him, I asked if I could come over to see the parents. He said that’s not possible because of a quarantine. (Hmm..?) He also said when the puppy is due he will send photos. He is living on a farm and is a registered breeder. This is my first time buying a pup and something doesn’t sound right here because I don’t think there’s any quarantines in place in Victoria. The main goal for me here is: 1. Confirm that the pup
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