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  1. Thank you so much. This helps me feel a little better.
  2. It's good to know that our older dog is not acting abnormally. I've been very concerned for as she has been refusing to look at us at all, as if she's feeling betrayed (possibly we are projecting). I wasn't thinking that only another dog would do (she would be able to play with other small dogs at the park in a few weeks for that anyway), more just thinking of how another home could give her something we could not and may be even better off and more fullfilled. I spoke with my husband and he said he had wanted a new puppy thinking it would be something to look forward to after such a horrible year. He'd thought he'd just take on the responsibility himself, night time toileting etc and just had not thought through how much was required for the whole household, not just himself. We both have flexible work from home so he just assumed it would be okay. He is working full time as well as me and seems to have forgotten that you can't predict when the pup will sleep and when she'll want to roll around on the floor with us like a crazy needle-tooth ball of energy. Swapping her back and forth between calls only works when you don't both have an important meeting. If I'd been planning on a puppy it would not have been at the time of starting a new job with more responsibility, and I would have taken time off to get both dogs adjusted to the new arrangement. Being upset, betrayed, exhausted from no sleep drove a wedge in the household and I found I also resented missing out on the planning preparation and excitement of a new puppy. I honestly don't know what on earth happened because he'd just booked a social night class for us which we had to cancel as there is no good way for us to leave both dogs unattended in the house. We could physically separate them but they would both likely be upset so not really practical. I contacted the breeder asking for information on the type of registration for the puppy and if she had been PRA tested. It was probably too confronting and I've offended her as she seemed defensive saying she would not talk to anyone other than my husband, that she had xx years of experience and that she would send the papers to the given address. I don't feel good about things so I will let it be and have him look after the remaining correspondence. He has not heard from her at all either to check on the pup's safe arrival or since I contacted her this morning, so he will have to do the reaching out I guess.
  3. Yes.... unfortunately he now knows he's mucked up quite thoroughly. I'm not quite sure how we move forward to be honest. I'm hoping that one day we can both forgive ourselves for this and for choosing to not keep the puppy. My dream is that the pup finds herself in a home with another younger dog who will be willing to play with her, as she has been craving attention that our older dog is uninterested in.
  4. Thank you both, you're more kind to me than I deserve.
  5. You are right. I am so very upset with how I've reacted to this and I'm even more upset now to think I've made things worse. This was never about money - The hope was that with a breed rescue being volunteer run that the interests of the puppy would be better served. I hate myself even more now for not welcoming the puppy, regardless of how it arrived or where it came from. I only want for it to have the best life and opportunity, I can see I've failed here and am a horrible person. The breeder is refusing to speak with me about the puppy so I will ask my husband to make arrangements. Apologies, I wanted to understand things better but I can see that the fault is with me alone.
  6. I am getting in contact with her. My main concern is if she is profiteering that this would allow her to exploit the situation and profit a second time from reselling the pup. My second concern was having the puppy stressed by another plane ride.
  7. Thank you. I was also not aware of this. The microchip transfer paper and vet vaccination stickers were in the carrier in an envelope. Everything was soaking wet from rain on the tarmac but there did not seem to be anything else in there. I will make more enquiries.
  8. Okay. It sounds like the right thing to do is contact the breeder. I can confirm that it was dogzonline not another as he took me to the website to show me. That was part of why I came here to ask. Sorry if I've not given any information needed. I just didnt want to say anything that might be used to identify the breeder and cause more upset. You're right, I made several assumptions without talking to the breeder. It's good to know there are clerical reasons the pup may not have been registered (yet). This is exactly the type of information I was looking for from the community. I will reach out to the seller and find out if they have a prefix, who the sire and dam were, if there has been any genetic testing, and what their plans were. The puppy is healthy, happy, well adjusted. She eats well and is emotionally secure. She learns quickly. I want her to have the most amazing life where she is wanted, welcome, a source of joy and not a reminder of past dishonesty.
  9. Thank you both. This is what I need, actual thoughts from people who know so much more than me. A dose of reality. I asked my husband and he said he saw the puppy advertised on dogzonline as being available due to a "sale that had fallen through". He spoke to the breeder mainly through text and there was very little information other than that she was a registered breeder, the pup was fully "registered", vaccinated etc. He says at the time he made assumptions on impulse and assumed that pups sold on that site were purebred, papered etc. He confessed he didn't realise there was a difference and he hadn't asked the breeder any more questions. There may well have been miscommunication, he's not denying this and he understands he made a mistake not asking more questions. He was really just ticking boxes since he knew I had a concern about puppy mills and wanted to make sure I wouldn't get too upset (as if that was the only problem in this whole situation). When I asked him to find the details, the puppy sale posting had been removed from the site but was able to look them up based on their name and contact number. They are registered for two separate breeds but not this one. Yes, it is a miniature breed that has become popular in recent years. It's not technically a toy breed but the puppy is about a kilo or slightly under. When we met and rang with a number of breeders long ago to find our existing dog, we were told by each and every one of them that they kept the pups a minimum of 10 weeks, and one or two were adamant that 12 was their standard as it was important to have the extra time with the mother and litter-mates for social development. I took that to heart. Checking the paperwork and birth date, this pup arrived via plane at a few days over 8 weeks old. She arrived with no breed information, no name of sire and dame. No breeders contract. I have no idea if she was PRA tested or anything else. Since posting earlier, I googled the sellers email address and found they had previously sold pups on some 'pups4sale' site in the same popular recessive coat colour, around Christmas last year. Genetically there are only a few combinations of coat genes this produce this variation. I don't know what the truth is, however I'm no longer entertaining the possibility that it's an accident. You are both right that the only person who knows for certain is the woman who sold my husband the puppy. At the end of the day, the problem isn't with or without pedigree papers. I'm just trying to understand why this happened because my heart had been well and truly broken. I have bonded to the puppy but our existing dog won't even look at us more. She is visibly distressed with the new arrival and we've made the decision to contact the breed rescue society about rehoming. It's not fair on the puppy or our existing dog to be burdened with this much emotion. The only piece that's left is whether I should let it go or if talking to the Dogs QLD chapter could prevent anything worse happening. If this pup did come from the same mother as the litter on December, that worries me as well. I just feel like this never should have happened and surely the person who raised this puppy for 8 weeks should care more for it going to an appropriate home. I'm sorry this is such a long ramble, I'm processing my grief at the same time.
  10. Hi, sorry if this is not the right forum but I was hoping I could reach out to the community so I can understand things and make peace with a situation. I'm a dogsNSW member and I feel strongly about ethics in dog breeding. I am the owner of a female dog on the main(unrestricted) register. For some time my husband and I discussed adding to our family and I even explored registering as a breeder so we could have a new puppy raised from our totally spoiled rotten only-dog. Ultimately I wasn't ready for any of that including having another puppy, something I thought I had made quite clear. This week my husband surprised me with a new puppy that he'd foolishly purchased without consulting me. There have been some big upheavals in other parts of our lives and this is truly the wrong time for us to drop everything and raise a new pup. He told me he had thought I would be okay with things as he'd found the puppy from a registered breeder over dogzonline, and she was fully papered. When I calmed down enough to review the paperwork supplied and discovered the only thing he'd been given was the microchip forms and a vet vaccination record. Further, whilst the registered owner on the chip records is an ANKC registered breeder, it is for two unrelated breeds. The other red flags were that the puppy is only 9 weeks old (I don't k own anyone willing to rehome a pup of this breed so young) but the breeder had been apparently happy to seperate her from her mother and ship her interstate via plane. Its been a while since I last read the material that came with the registered breeder applications but I seem to remember it being stated fairly clearly that it was a breach of licencing to breed a litter without permission, and without registering the litter with DogsQLD or whichever state chapter. Whilst the fault in this situation is clearly with my husband for making a life-changing decision without my consent, I think what I am looking to know is to what extent is this mess is also due to the actions of the breeder, and if anyone might be able to shed some light into how this might have happened. Is this the case of greed and exploitation with someone breeding a popular breed purely to profit from the pandemic,or could it be something well meaning like helping someone else out in rehoming a litter? I probably sound very clinical in my wording but I am so very upset, and very angry and I'm considering whether this is something I should report to the QLD chapter for investigation. I can't imagine anyone shipping such a small pup out without doing due diligence on where it was going and whether they were truly prepared for the commitment. I have too many concerns about the ethics of the breeder to consider returning the puppy to her mother and it would be too stressful to fly the pup again. Does anyone have any thoughts on what might have happened and whether I would be doing more harm or good to talk to DogsQLD?
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