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  1. Thank you so much. This helps me feel a little better.
  2. It's good to know that our older dog is not acting abnormally. I've been very concerned for as she has been refusing to look at us at all, as if she's feeling betrayed (possibly we are projecting). I wasn't thinking that only another dog would do (she would be able to play with other small dogs at the park in a few weeks for that anyway), more just thinking of how another home could give her something we could not and may be even better off and more fullfilled. I spoke with my husband and he said he had wanted a new puppy thinking it would be something to look forward to after suc
  3. Yes.... unfortunately he now knows he's mucked up quite thoroughly. I'm not quite sure how we move forward to be honest. I'm hoping that one day we can both forgive ourselves for this and for choosing to not keep the puppy. My dream is that the pup finds herself in a home with another younger dog who will be willing to play with her, as she has been craving attention that our older dog is uninterested in.
  4. Thank you both, you're more kind to me than I deserve.
  5. You are right. I am so very upset with how I've reacted to this and I'm even more upset now to think I've made things worse. This was never about money - The hope was that with a breed rescue being volunteer run that the interests of the puppy would be better served. I hate myself even more now for not welcoming the puppy, regardless of how it arrived or where it came from. I only want for it to have the best life and opportunity, I can see I've failed here and am a horrible person. The breeder is refusing to speak with me about the puppy so I will ask my husband to make arrangements. Apologie
  6. I am getting in contact with her. My main concern is if she is profiteering that this would allow her to exploit the situation and profit a second time from reselling the pup. My second concern was having the puppy stressed by another plane ride.
  7. Thank you. I was also not aware of this. The microchip transfer paper and vet vaccination stickers were in the carrier in an envelope. Everything was soaking wet from rain on the tarmac but there did not seem to be anything else in there. I will make more enquiries.
  8. Okay. It sounds like the right thing to do is contact the breeder. I can confirm that it was dogzonline not another as he took me to the website to show me. That was part of why I came here to ask. Sorry if I've not given any information needed. I just didnt want to say anything that might be used to identify the breeder and cause more upset. You're right, I made several assumptions without talking to the breeder. It's good to know there are clerical reasons the pup may not have been registered (yet). This is exactly the type of information I was looking for fro
  9. Thank you both. This is what I need, actual thoughts from people who know so much more than me. A dose of reality. I asked my husband and he said he saw the puppy advertised on dogzonline as being available due to a "sale that had fallen through". He spoke to the breeder mainly through text and there was very little information other than that she was a registered breeder, the pup was fully "registered", vaccinated etc. He says at the time he made assumptions on impulse and assumed that pups sold on that site were purebred, papered etc. He confessed he didn't realise there was a di
  10. Hi, sorry if this is not the right forum but I was hoping I could reach out to the community so I can understand things and make peace with a situation. I'm a dogsNSW member and I feel strongly about ethics in dog breeding. I am the owner of a female dog on the main(unrestricted) register. For some time my husband and I discussed adding to our family and I even explored registering as a breeder so we could have a new puppy raised from our totally spoiled rotten only-dog. Ultimately I wasn't ready for any of that including having another puppy, something I thought I had made quite cl
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