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  1. Optimum On Special Anywhere?

    excellent, Thanks. I haven't heard of them before, but all ordered now.
  2. has anyone seen it on special? I have been spoilt. I have gotten it at up to 40% every time I have bought it in the last 6 months, but it's not on special at any of my usual online shops. Has anyone seen it on sale? Thanks eta: specifically the Large breed 15kg bag :D
  3. This Is Just Sad!

    it's OK, I'll show myself out.
  4. Breed Recomendations

    no, the dog will always be with them. the road is a good 100m+. while the MIL is eager for a pure bred and is talking to breeders, the FIL is wanting to quickly get a kelpie X bitza type. Both options have their merits I think, though I would have loved for the MIL to have more of a say in the matter and get breed she has always wanted. but it seems their need for a dog asap will trump the luxury of choosing the perfect breed. they are currently looking at rescue puppies.
  5. Breed Recomendations

    They aren't looking rescue at this point and the lack off fencing isn't going to change. With issue that Max has it sounds as if he would scale and fence when he bolted anyway. They have had heaps of dogs down there, some of their own and others from visiting family and wandering was never an issue until after Max's accident. And the issue was handled as well as possible unless you are happy to have a dog on 10 acres and never off lead, which they weren't. They just need a breed that will be happier to stick close to them while out for a walk and working on the garden then go and happily laze on the couch when the are in. A Beagle, for instance, would not be suitable. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  6. Breed Recomendations

    Thanks every one. I am passing on all the help as I get it :D :D
  7. It's A Burden Being Different...

    Same. and if it is at a time or place that is not really convenient, i just remind myself that once i was a kid that would have jumped out of a moving car to meet a St Bernard, so giving these people a moment of my time is the least i could do.
  8. Breed Recomendations

    i thought about this, but they have a dam, i fear they would never see their dog LOL Rusty used to swim in the dam a lot but would come out after a little while, i just don't see a lab doing that voluntarily. LOL
  9. Breed Recomendations

    It just sounded like he did it quite regularly. he probably would have had they not managed the issue to the best of their ability.
  10. Breed Recomendations

    the property is unfenced. it was never an issue for their dogs until Max became phobic. He was offlead when he got spooked and bolted. They had managed the issue well with limited time outside and off lead and a tether or lead at other times, but it just took the one time that he got away and he got killed. on a residential, no thoroughfare street in the middle of the bush. the only traffic is from the few residents that live their. it was a terrible and improbably accident.
  11. Breed Recomendations

    Hi DOL, I am getting excited as my MIL is starting to look for a new puppy and we were just discussing what breeds may be ideal for them. They recently lost their little mix that they got FTGH. An accident left him quite phobic and when he got scared he would bolt up to the road where he'd chase cars, unfortunately he caught one. He was a bitza and not an ideal match for them in their situation. he looked looked like a tall black and tan Jack Russel, given their location and what they knew of his family he was likely some JR X Staffy mix. their dog before him was a Kelpie/cattle dog/border collie mix from the pound. He was great for them, but he was also very unique and i doubt they ever find another like him. he died of old age last year. They are retired and live on 10 acres of bush in the south west (cold). The property is unfenced but any dog would be an inside dog with a choice to sleep downstairs next to the fire of upstairs in their room next to the flume. So, basically, very spoilt. a life of left overs, love and leisurely walks around the fire break. They also travel and any dog would need to be happy to spend time at other peoples houses and possible at a kennel. So i figure anything terrier or working dog would not work for them. and recommended they look at gun dogs and toy breeds. I know my MIL has always loved weimaraners and I think they would be a good fit and I have also recommended looking at german short/wire haired pointer and pointers. I also mentioned Clumber Spaniels (i love the look of them, but I am not too sure on their temperament) and Griffons (again because I like them and can't see why they wouldn't fit) Was my advice sound and can anyone else recommend breeds for them to look at? and just coz, here is a pic of their old dog Rusty on their property.
  12. Refresh Eye Drops Ad

  13. Warning: Arachnophobes Look Away!

    phobias aren't rational, you will drive yourself mad trying to understand then in rational terms LOL i am not exactly scared of spiders, i don't want to hug them either, but i definitely feel something when i see one. i certainly understand where the arachnophobia comes from.
  14. Adelaide Dog Rescues

    I tried, it say you cannot receive any new PMs :/
  15. My dad has just asked my to help him out with my grandmas dog. My grandma is 81 and last year after she lost her Malinois (died from long term effects of being baited) my auties took her out and got her a Huski X Belgium pup. Naturally this dog is untrained and unruly and apparently recently knocked grandma over and knocked her out. My dad wants my to find a rescue that may be able to work with us, as he first has to convince grandma that re homing the dog is by far in its best interests, but them hopefully find this dog a great home with the exercise and training it needs. Then perhaps even finding her a more suitable dog, though I do have one in mind for her already. So, is there an Adelaide dog rescue that would have the patience to work with us on this?