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  1. I think she's into fine dining, guess who ate a $42/kg lamb cutlet this morning
  2. She's recently even started turning her nose up to tin sardines. Will try Parmesan on her kibble, ta. I really want to see her crunching on chicken wings or similar. I put out a wing this morning for breakfast, and picked it up from the exact same spot this afternoon and binned it.
  3. Struggling to get our 2yo whippet to eat consistently. At the moment she's on taste of the wild dry in the evening which I soak in a little bit hot water, and she'll graze on that over an hour or so until gone, but not enthusiastically. For breakfast, I've tried chicken necks, wings, carcass, roo tail, lamp flap etc, she'll walk away from all of them, and I basically need to sit with her and almost force her to eat. A lot gets binned, as she simply won't eat it. I've also tried off the shelf raw meat/vege mix and barf, which she won't touch. She was eating Advance chicken and rice cans for a little while, then went off them as well. I now make up my own breakfast with raw beef mince, carrot, peas, egg and brown rice which she'll eat, but I really want her to have some meaty bones for calcium and teeth cleaning. She's a happy dog, healthy weight, but probably on the leaner side. Any suggestions? We do not feed her human food at dinner time despite her virtually begging, and also tried removing her food after 20 minutes, but it doesn't bother her, she's happy to go hungry. Having said that, any occasional left over dinner scraps get woofed down in no time, so suspect she's trying to outsmart us. If I can find a meaty bone that she'll eat once or twice a week without fuss, I'll be satisfied, any suggestions?
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