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  1. His name is Diesel, up until last night I had him on his bed next to mine which was good no crying but he would wake up walk through the hose and luckily pee or poo on the wooden floor not the carpet, I get up at 5.155.30 take him outside for a pee, then we feed our 2 chooks then the 3 cats I get dressed, we play outside for about half an hr then I feed him, we play sommore then he goes to bed on the back verandah on his bed, I close the glass sliding door but leave the verandah door open for him, I turn on the radio then by 7.39 I leave for work, I get home about 4.40, he is usually quiet till he hears me but today he was barking and winging, when he calms down I get changed we play and train a little then we feed the chooks the around 5.30 He gets fed, I get my dina ready by that time he is ready to play again, we play for a while then come inside and he usually lays at my feet, take him outside a couple of times for a pea then by around 9.30 to bed.He is clever he has started to sit stay and come, I am trying to get him used to the lead, He has a few toys he loves tug a war and fetching his ball, he has a Mickie mouse chew toy a pet dog as big as him to cuddle and a smaller teddy bear, I thought if I let him sleep in my room he might not want to leave.
  2. He is my first pup in 20 years, so things have changed, all my other pups and my parents pups where older and brought up outside and only come inside rarely as a treat, but I have softened over the years, I have never used a crate or puppy pads, so not sure about the best way to go, I just don't want him to rely on staying in my bedroom forever, it is cold in Syd at the moment so I will keep doing that till it is warm,he is booked in at the vet for his next needle on 7th next month.
  3. But if you put him in a crate in your room isn't that going to get him too used to being with you when he's older
  4. He stays inside in my kitchen at night with stuffed toys, lots of chew toys a hot water bottle under his blanket so hes not too hot, I am away from home for around 8hrs, whn I get home we go for walks around the back yard, play then he is fed at around 5.30 he whimpers a bit about 11.30 then goes back to sleep, his day time bed is on our enclosed back verandah, I keep the radio on as well, he is becoming a bit more independent and walking away from me to investigate thing in the back yard, I am trying my best to keep him with me, but I can't take him to work all the time.
  5. I just bought a 6wk old male blue cattle pups, I am trying to train him to getting used to be on his own while I'm at work but it's not easy, he constantly cries I think he is a bit young to leave his siblings but I fell in love with him. I haven't had a pup for about 15years, I have never owned a crate or pen, my other dogs were all a bit older and used to being alone, can someone please give me some advice about training him and is a crate or pen really necessary? I have been giving him treats when he is quiet and sitting, can someone please offer some advice.
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