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  1. Perfect thank you. Sounds like Knox are what I’m after then!
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a 16 week old Puppy and I am after advice about where to go for training in Melbourne. The dream is to do a Therapy Accreditation in 12-18 months so that she can volunteer at The Children's Hospital, attend schools etc (I am a Teacher's Aide so another dream of mine is for her to occasionally be invited in to sit with the children while they read etc.) Where would you go for training in the meantime until she is old enough to do Therapy Training? I am considering Knox Dog Obedience Club but I am really not sure if the clubs are more about agility and competitions etc or if there would be somewhere different that will suit me better? Maybe Knox Dog Obedience will suit me perfectly too? I ultimately want a permanent weekly training schedule that will help us achieve our end goals. I am training her every day at home of course too. She's 16 weeks and she sits, drops, comes back when called, leaves treats on command etc. Any advice on where to go for support for the next 12-18 months would be amazing as I don't really know what sort of training place I need to support a pre therapy dog? Thank you.
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