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  1. I see there have been some questions raised about guardianship for puppies. I really just want to express my view. Last month, I decided that I would get a puppy from a breeder and chose one of the puppies. Unfortunately, I was informed that she might be selected to be a breeding puppy. So that meant if I wanted her, I would need to be a guardian. So my mistake was not to opt for another puppy but agree to be a guardian for that articular puppy. We are required to sign a 6 page document that very strongly skewed towards protection of the breeder, basically binding us to minimal say in the dog even though it stays with us. it really was my misunderstanding of guardianship as I thought I owned the dog, but they retain the breeding rights. I really needed my head screwed on. I was informed of a dental defect in the puppy at collection, among other information and didn’t quite realise its significance until the second vaccination where the vet recommended removal of one of the tooth as a start in the management of the pathology. And she felt it was unethical to breed from the dog due to the nature of this genetic condition. This information was passed on to the breeder (as we were supposed to) but they did not want any surgical intervention. I could understand that as there was no obvious discomfort and it was going really well. Unfortunately, early this week I spotted what was several small blood clots in the specific spot, obviously reflecting some tissue damage. Again photos was sent to the breeder who came and collect the puppy. But has reported that they all thought it was dirt. And she has now kept the puppy to monitor and assess the situation with an update next week and no mention that it will be returned. This is an 11 week old puppy still in the early weeks of bonding and socialisation. Due to the nature of this guardianship contract we need to sign, there is very little room for guardians and breeders appear to have all the rights to remove the puppy at their will. I was, together with the vet, only really trying to act in what we deem the best interests of the welfare of the puppy. But I guess if it has had some surgery, it might impact on its records as a breeding dog. I sadly suspect that we might not see her again. So this is just a heads up for anyone considering guardianship that is a a draconian agreement and I feel something needs to be done to protect the rights of the guardian who has spent time, money and energies raising a pup and fostered a relationship with it. Secondly, surely breeders should not be using these pups with obvious genetic flaws as breeding dogs as the breeder and vet were intending to get her to have 3 litters as a test. Like my vet said, it is unethical. Are we not perpetuating genetic flaws when breeders themselves breed dogs with them? Even if only a certainly percentage of the litters overtly display the pathology, the rest can be silently carriers of the recessive gene. I am certainly now much wiser. So those considering guardianship, beware!
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