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  1. Let me know how they go! I'm just slightly frustrated that you can't pick a neutral colour for whatever size, like black. Not sure bright green or purple would be Lincoln's colour (he's a Rottweiler)
  2. There are also toe grips. I don't know how good they are but I'm considering trying them for Lincoln as he is shocking on our laminate flooring just trying to walk slowly. ETA: https://www.toegrips.com/
  3. Oh wow you're off! Have an amazing time, loving the photos so far and can't wait to see more
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions, looks like a concrete something is the way to go :)
  5. That might be an idea. Although we'd probably come home to him trying to sleep in it. Just having a look through some now... can't do any kind of plastic, instantly destroyed. Can't have it too big either because young kids in the backyard... can drown in less of course, but just less safe the bigger it is.
  6. We had one of those... he emptied it all then proceeded to completely obliterate the pool.
  7. We have big water bowl problems with our young Rottweiler. He tips everything up, digs around in them, has very loud arguments with them and throws them around the yard. Coming into summer I'm getting worried we wont be able to find something suitable to make sure he has enough water unless it's bolted to the concrete Does anyone have any tried and true bowls/containers/whatever! that he just wont be able to tip over and empty. Playing in water is fun and all, but we wont be home 24/7 during summer and I want to know he's safe!
  8. If you can safely crush the tablets then I would crush them and add them to a big glob of yoghurt, or something similar that she loves, that she can just lick up.
  9. I have had much the same problem and have stopped showing my puppy for this reason. He just loves people too much and he had no hope in hell of standing still with someone even approaching him let alone touching him! We have started teaching him to stack on a stacker with his trainer (at home we use a mirror and 4 bricks). It has definitely helped him in learning to keep his feet still or else he falls off. He can now hold it for a decent amount of time for a baby with bait in front of him. It's still a work in progress to have someone go over him but I've found having him up off the grou
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss RIP Olivia
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