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  1. Thanks for the suggestion.... Yes, I actually have spoken to Black Dog Wear and unfortunately they didn't seem all that interested in my feedback. Unfortunately they don't have any old stock. They were too busy telling me how the new version is so much better (sorry - but I can see with my own eyes that it doesn't sit as well as the original halter, and my dog continually tries to get the new haltermate version off, he absolutely hates it. Which tells me it's not comfortable for him at all) I spoke with the same person at Black Dog twice and on each occasion she gave me two different reas
  2. @Boronia the haltermate is the new style, so the first link (holistic animal physio) are selling the newer style - I've noticed some places are still using the image from the Infin8 (older style) but they're selling the new haltermate version. I have actually spoken to the lady at horse and hound and she confirmed that she doesn't have any
  3. I'm wondering if anyone out there may have for sale (or may know where I can get) an Infin8 dog halter, size 3 or 4 (Black Dog Wear brand). Unfortunately they have discontinued the product and I have found it to be the only thing that works best for my dog with respect to fit, comfort and control. I have purchased the new version of the Infin8 (now called the haltermate) and really disappointed with it as they've changed the design – hence my relentless search for the original Infin8 halter. I’d be happy to purchase a used/second hand one if you have one lying around and no longer have a use f
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