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  1. hellooo! fairly new here. just wanna share our story earlier this year. my dog needs to undergo tplo surgery due to overweight and we immediately took him to our vet in https://tplocity.com/ and the surgery went well :). we don't have much time to take care of our dogs since we have a work, and I know that I'm not capable of taking extra care of him so we brought him to our grandparents house. he's back to his old life now and we create a plan on losing weight since he is really fat and doesn't get much exercise.
  2. this breaks my heart! felt sorry for the baby
  3. you can use both and also depends on the needs and what fits to your pet. My dog also undergo a tplo surgery earlier this year. imma post our story soon
  4. try joining facebook group. we ere able to buy one before.
  5. Talk first to the owner. You don't want to be accused of killing their dogs. Warned them and wait if the are gonna do something about it.
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