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  1. Hi...i am new to this forum and am glad to be here, ive learned alot, this is my first post. I have a boxer who is 10.5 years old, so she is up there. Daisy started drinking more water about a year ago. We went and had a check for diabetes and all of her normal blood work was normal. She drinks for over a minute, sometimes 2 to 3 minutes and may go back. This of course means she has to go out alot. Its come to the point wherebi have to let her out every hour or two, but the last week she has been wetting her bed and leaking on the nice carpets. The doctor said the next step is checking for Cushings disease, which is a full day test at 180.00 American dollars. He also said sometimes a dog just "thinks" they need more water and it's psychological.Then the treatment isnt cheap either. I don'tvwant her to suffer and yet i am on disability so these expenses are quite high for me. The vet said maybe it's time. I live alone, i am 59 and she is like my daughter. Her sister, whomi got at the same time died 4 years ago from a tumor in the brain. The last thing i will say is i am disabled and have bad leg joints and caring for her has become very hard. But she is my love. We have a beautiful bond. My questions are 1. Should i try to let her drink maybe for 30 seconds and take away the water for a while? I am washing her bedding which consists of very nice human bed comforters, i have 4 but its now constant washing. 2. Do i go through with the entire cushings expenses. Any thoughts would be helpful. I think she is suffering but everything aside from the constant drinking and peeing is normal. She still plays a little, we go for walks twice a day and she loves them, everythings fine except for this terrible drinking/ peeing all over. I really want to try limiting her water but dont want to dehydrate her by accident, or maybe something in her body needs all this water. Thank you for your help
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