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  1. Thank you for your responses. I will give it a try. We've compromised she sits with us when we are watching TV but as soon as she gets down we take her out. The other odd thing is she let's us know in the morning when she wants to go out by scratching on the laundry door.
  2. We have recently adopted a 9 year old miniature foxy. In her previous home she was an outside dog, we would love to have her inside but can't stop her peeing on the carpet. She sleeps in the laundry and never pees in there and she is in there all night. She hasn't done it on any other hard floors in the house. We had the carpet cleaned to remove any smells that may have been in it but she still peed on it! Any suggestions would be welcome, we love her and would love her to be a house dog but the carpet seems to be a problem for her and us.
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