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  1. I really don't think the price of a dog is the issue when your buying quality ,,, If i wanted to buy the crofts dog show winner or its offspring , i suppose i would have to pay huge amounts ,, breeders being compensated for there time is not an issue ,, if they feel there dogs are worth more because there a better breeder and have better dogs than the bloke up the rd , well fair enough let it reflect in the price , and the market will dictate ,, people doing there homework will decide for themselves wether to pay for the dog from the real quality breeder of champions , or Kate up the
  2. Could'nt help but wonder if you paid the breeder for the dog ,, It would be obvious or i would assume that the dog was maybee brought back and surrendered to the breeder for these issues , If you paid who recieved the money was it the breeder ,if so its obvious they sold an unsuitable dog not once but twice . Or did the breeder charge you and pass the money on to the previous owner ,as some sort of refund , just curious Regardless you done the right thing , in rehoming it to a couple familuar with the breed , and to be honest i think a good firm owner used to paticular breeds i
  3. Don't know too much about this ,, but i started to feed my dog on chicken pet mince ,, within a week he was at the vets , who told me STOP his stomach sounded like world war 3 he said ,, vet told me theres too much rubbish mixed in a lot of pet mince and he see's a lot of dogs with stomach parasite problems , because of it ,, he's only a small dog so for his night meal its not too expensive for me to feed him proper cooked chicken breast and he's good with that Vet said it goes for most butchers ,, could be maybee mine just has a sensetive stomach who knows ...
  4. Very good ,, well done ,, Certainly better than a lecture about how much it costs to breed , or being told your 5 year old will learn a lesson , poor lady only posted about how expensive they were ,,, and they are .
  5. Cremated is probably the best idea , you can keep him forever then ,, Weve got the mother in law In the lounge cabinet ,,, Will say i was'nt happy when i first found out we had her ,, she was in a little box on the wifes dresser in the bedroom , I thought it was a jewerly box ,,, gave me the creeps when i found out , moved her to the lounge ,, she can go into the attic , when the wife lets me move her again . But cremated is the best way for you , I had visions of you getting pulled over at an interstate fruit inspection ,, trying to explain why you had a big dog in
  6. Its a whippet ,, got to be Speedy Gonzales ,, Speedy for short
  7. Perhaps give this lady a link , she could offer to rehome the pup
  8. Just keep going to the pound chances are you will not find a pedigree and you will be extremly lucky to find a small little white fluffy malltese cross , although i got one , i actually went in to buy a big full grown mastiff i knew was there , and walked out with this perfect half cat half dog not a proper dog but perfect familly dog LOL Just keep going to the pound , keep an eye on gumtree and chech your local boards in the supermarkets honestly i checked them 8 years ago and come acroos a familly moving interstate , they needed to find a home for a pedigree stumpy tailed heeler i took
  9. Good post scratch ,,,,, I have always been sceptical about showing ect , i've never shown a dog but whilst i can appreciate the time effort put in i question whats happenning , i live over looking a dog beach , i spend half my life on it , either walking or swimming or just in my kayack , i fish there , my little dog is always with me maltese /cross from the pound ,, now he runs up to dogs and people and they come to him , so i always end up talking , and too be honest i look at some breeds and think what the ,hell ,, especielly GSD's , every single owner will say , i got him
  10. Looks like a happy healthy dog ,
  11. Sandgrubber - I wasn't saying that the ring is the perfect solution. What has been done to several breeds is 'criminal' and bloody disgusting. I remember the German Shepherds of the 70's - proud, sound (mind and body) beautiful animals. Not the roach backed/down on hocks, screaming/mentally fragile beings of a few decades later. And that is only one of dozens of breeds that have been stuffed up physically and mentally (before anyone loses it - yes there are exceptions in individuals and breeders - I am referencing in general). The point I was attempting to make is that there are pups th
  12. Do agree my locel rspca who i,ve purchased 3 dovgs from over the years never have dogs in now boarding seems there only concern . Money is there only concern I believe they only ,keep enough strays to ensure there govt funding about 10 years ago i was approached to paint there kennels i actually said i would sponsor them by supplying the paint and labor free of charge for a week , i supplied materials payed my blokes wages for a week he done probably half of them but to my suprise when i went to visit him , they had him only do the kennels that were boarding where the strays were never g
  13. Only looked at 1 in SA do all states require desexing by law
  14. I take on board the costs of pups and producing them and say again forget the price that does,nt matter but 2 minutes ago i just ramdomly selected 20 kennels selling pups on this site ,different breeds and random , Out of the 20 probably 15 went to great lenghths to say how good there dogs were parents champions bla bla bla ,, so you would assume that they were selling good dogs credit to the breed , however 18 off the 20 said limited papers not to be bred , non said not to be shown breeding from there great stock was the issue , there not interested in preserving good dogs , just pr
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