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  1. True they have not been back , but they did explain well they said the dog was now 8 weeks olD , they said they had owned him for a week and 5 days earlier they took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with a desease 5 days from a week equals 2 days they owned him before they had to take him to a vet , now given it probably took a day or so to relize he was sick , i,d say its fairly obvious they were sold a sick pup too young to leave its mother ,,, Course a follow up from them would be nice after all people took time to give them advice , good or bad
  2. I am , READ the the top it says quote Question for Breeders unquote
  3. Reading through the sale section , i noticed a couple of dogs being advertized for sale under breeders terms , What i took from that is the breeder has a good dog , temperment , pedigree , nice color whatever , and wants to carry on the line , but does,nt have the room , the time whatever to keep said dog , so its offered out , you keep the dog when we want you have to bring the dog to have pups ect ect , you all know the score . Now if that suits it should work out ok to both partys , but my question is when you take the dog you realisticly have an agreement its not your dog until xsaid pregnancy and pups , fair enough you know that , But what about payment , what would be normal and fair , whever takes the dog is in fact just paying food and lodging for your dog babysitting until you want to breed , then running the risk if it dies in birth losing there new familly pet ,, So would most breeders expect big dollars for the dog because they consider it a good dog , drop the price significantly because there going to get a litter ,, Or just be happy to give said dog to a loving home knowing in return they can take back the new familly pet for a period to get a litter Just curious has to what most think is fair , I know to me i would never pay big dollars under that agreement , but i would,nt want pups , i, personaly would desex my dog
  4. And i,m sure many breeders paticualy unscroupulous ones will agree wholeheartedly with you and the scenarios you put forward ,,, However i,m sure that theres many,, paticulary good honest breeders who would be alarmed , upset , and want to get to the bottom of why there dog got sick within 2 days of leaving home was took to the vet and diagnosed with a desease all in two days , and i,m sure that these honest breeders would give a full refund or a healthy pup ,,, course with 2 days and a note from a vet , i doubt any civil crt would really take the part of any breeder trying to get out of there civil and moral duty ,, ,, would be interested to hear from breeders on here has to what they would do or consider the right thing to do
  5. Suppose that is something you would really really have to do your homework on , Its akin to statring up any buisness . know what your doing or take a chance , If you brought in a new breed , would it be popular , would you sell the pups , 30 grand for two pups is a lot of money and i suppose a big chance , suppose you have a lot of homework to do , and decide if its a lifestyle thing or a buisness
  6. Maybee so ,, but if i buy a new car or tv , and it blows up after a few days , i want a replacement or a full refund .. Price of dogs is astronomical , in the other posts breedes are defending themselves left right and centre over the costs of pups , being so high because of the cost of breeding , , this too me is another costs , replacing faulty products , and at the prices charged after a week the pup can be classed as faullty , no amaount of smooth talking and blaming incubation periods for the desease to worm out of a refund would convince me ,, in there shoes , facts would be facts , i bought a dog , within 5-7 days it was at the vet diagnosed sick , and still sick , i would want a refund plus costs of the vet , Whats more if it was a reputable breeder , they would gladly take it back and reimburse or so i would imagine ... Course if i had the dog for 3 months thats different ,, but sick in a few days , Naaw refund QUOTE we took him to vets 5 days ago as he was not eating and very lethargic! turned out he had canine carnivorous! his still not himself and not really eating! but its the strange noises he makes if u touch him or whilst lying there awake/ askeep! he seems to bark lots too! he is only 8 weeks old, we have had him only for a week! UNQUOTE Defo in this case buy the dog 2 days later at the vet diagnosed with an illness , 5 days later , he's still sick . on top f that , he's now 8 weeks , means he left the mother too young at 7 weeks ,,, TAKE HIM BACK GET YOUR MONEY BACK
  7. Whats this coronavirus , is it serious , if it was me at 8 weeks and sick , i,d be getting a letter of the vet and taking it back to the breeder, especiellyif you paid thousands
  8. Just like children really they will eat when there hungry , .... set times are what we adults generally inflict .. my little dog puts his nose up at food , will not eat so i take it away 5-6 hrs later put it down he devours it
  9. The market will always dictate , people will pay what they can afford and probably no more ,,, But for me the price of a dog is'nt an issue . 30 plus years ago i paid $800 for a GSD which i knew could not be shown , apparantly the breeder told me its long haired and its too big , ,, but heh i did'nt care i bought it because it was the biggest , bmost boisterous pup there , it also found me , once it started biting or rather mouthing my feet and latched on to my jeans , that was it cost did'nt come into it he was mine ,,, but i did get papers he was on mains regitrar , granted laws have changed now .. I've paid out big money for numerous dogs , i personaly always believed in going to a breeder , if there bred right they should resemble what the breed is known for and if you pay big money you should and are entitled to a good example of the breed ,, so the money is imaterial , providing its fair , . My problem with finding a dog at the moment is not money its the right dog i have a little dog and its a great dog but i want a mate ,,for him , I would prefer a fully grown dog that needs a good home ,,, already housetrained , and past the ripping your house to bits stage LOL also has to be good with other dogs ,,, looking at dogs from breeders the adult housetrained seems to be the hard part ,, understandable if you have 5 -6 big mastiffs , rottys ,whatever pretty hard to let them all live in the house
  10. I really don't think the price of a dog is the issue when your buying quality ,,, If i wanted to buy the crofts dog show winner or its offspring , i suppose i would have to pay huge amounts ,, breeders being compensated for there time is not an issue ,, if they feel there dogs are worth more because there a better breeder and have better dogs than the bloke up the rd , well fair enough let it reflect in the price , and the market will dictate ,, people doing there homework will decide for themselves wether to pay for the dog from the real quality breeder of champions , or Kate up the road , with a real dog of a dog in the sence of the word who breeds with her mate with another bad example of the breed , and then lay claim to be breeders just because there registered with an organization ,,, there wants and there pockets will decide , I think the problem arises when there is no stock so to speak which then enables byb and bad breeders to command the top dollar regardless off the quality , I've noticed mastiffs are becoming popular again , i speak on the dog beach to many owners , who all say i got him /she from a breeder , and there not full mastiffs usually cross with bull mastiff and neo mastiff or that french one thrown in , the lack of stock is enabling these so called breeders of mongrels to charge the same or similar money to the proper respectable breeders who really do have the breeds and dogs interest at heart . I've never bred a dog and never shown a dog , so i'm just an outsider looking in on the industry , and i choose the word industry very carefully because thats what it is or has become , , I think the problem irises and can be fixed with this ltd papers rubbish ,,, I've enquired after being told on here that SA has a law about desexing dogs , i think its a good law , because after speaking to the council , they tell me , if i buy a puppy on mains i have a certain amount of time to join the relevent organization and become a breeder or shower of said dog ... But its the breeder who has become judge and jury insisting on ltd papers and hence stopped myself or anyone else from doing it and therefore limiting stock ,, so whats it acheived ,, its acheived ltd stock high prices and people who want to just throwing together two dogs and getting maybee 2-3 grand a pup for mongrels ,, its killed its own industry .
  11. Don't know too much about this ,, but i started to feed my dog on chicken pet mince ,, within a week he was at the vets , who told me STOP his stomach sounded like world war 3 he said ,, vet told me theres too much rubbish mixed in a lot of pet mince and he see's a lot of dogs with stomach parasite problems , because of it ,, he's only a small dog so for his night meal its not too expensive for me to feed him proper cooked chicken breast and he's good with that Vet said it goes for most butchers ,, could be maybee mine just has a sensetive stomach who knows ...
  12. Very good ,, well done ,, Certainly better than a lecture about how much it costs to breed , or being told your 5 year old will learn a lesson , poor lady only posted about how expensive they were ,,, and they are .
  13. Cremated is probably the best idea , you can keep him forever then ,, Weve got the mother in law In the lounge cabinet ,,, Will say i was'nt happy when i first found out we had her ,, she was in a little box on the wifes dresser in the bedroom , I thought it was a jewerly box ,,, gave me the creeps when i found out , moved her to the lounge ,, she can go into the attic , when the wife lets me move her again . But cremated is the best way for you , I had visions of you getting pulled over at an interstate fruit inspection ,, trying to explain why you had a big dog in an esky covered in ice , Not even sure if it would be legal to transport dead dogs , across the border , here in SA we can't even take a lettuce to the riverland
  14. Its a whippet ,, got to be Speedy Gonzales ,, Speedy for short
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