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    dogs, dogs and more dogs. i also love any thing that moves weather fins, scales, feathers, or skin if it moves i'm interested in it. i love dog sledding and i handled for several distance mushers in canada i will be opening a dog day care center soon. i love being out side in all weather conditions.

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  1. Dogs Get 3rd Degree Burns At A Canberra Groomers

    would love for you to come visit sheriden, the door will be open for you to inspect. their are only 2 dog physios in the area and one of these has been contacted, while I'm not qualified I have had extensive training in canine massage and physio therapy working with elite long distance sled dogs. some of the dogs I learnt on are now 10 years old and have or will be running another 1000 mile race, a grate testament to the several times a week these dogs receive massage and when needed physio. my internship with sled dogs lasted a year near Whitehorse Canada avenging 10 hours a day no days off caring for the dogs, I spent very little time on a sled lots of time hands on massaging and physio, feeding, having my but kicked and being yelled at, beats any school you don't get paid until you learn and get it wrong your kicked out instantly, these dogs are worth thousands but more to the point they are peoples livelihood. not to mention several dogs this person owns lived to 16 to 19 years, a bit different to the "average expected lifespan" for med to large dogs hear.
  2. Dogs Get 3rd Degree Burns At A Canberra Groomers

    hi Rosetta at this new location yes their is a small dog area. at our old location it was mixed and we found the little dogs ruled the yard and the larger dogs listened to them (with reinforcement by me). The new space is all indoors and able to be divided so we will be dividing dogs based on temperaments. Thanks staffylove my clients are anxious and wanting me open NOW! but if they walked in their at the moment well lets just say I'm cleaning lots :)
  3. Dogs Get 3rd Degree Burns At A Canberra Groomers

    no cage drying from me, drip dry yes if the dog is to stressed. as for the name, I have been running puppy rampage for a few years and it fits what a dog day care is. lots of teenage boys (and girls) running around acting stupid and being allowed to socialise with knowledgeable trained and experienced supervision. it starts out pure excitement and over the day settles to a nice balanced play day for the dogs.
  4. Dogs Get 3rd Degree Burns At A Canberra Groomers

    That's Grate, if you look up puppy rampage on line or on Facebook you will find me feel free to do some checking and stuff, once clean I am planning to host a pet party as the opening to allow every one to see the place and have fun with their dogs for a few hours.
  5. Dogs Get 3rd Degree Burns At A Canberra Groomers

    hi all. thanks for raising the issue of this groomer and the support the grooming community gave to the dogs and owners involved. I am happy to say as of close today Dog World is closed and Lance is no longer a part of the business at all. Dog world is having a name change to Puppy Rampage, and in a few weeks (and intense cleaning) I will be opening at the same location in Hume. Puppy Rampage will be a dog daycare and basic grooming, and eventually have a hydrotherapy pool and host dog training lesions. Lots happening with this site. Thanks for reading Marianne
  6. Hi I own and run Puppy Rampage, you are more then welcome to drop your buddy off and enjoy the day out and about, please call me and have a chat the general cost is $35. Puppy Rampage
  7. Frontline

    Frontline I run several puppy preschool classes around 5 per week, and each participant receives a puppy pack, one of the items in the pack is frontline trial. I have had a few people report back to me that their puppies get itchier after using frontline. I have checked these pups to see if there is any fleas, mites or anything else and their isn’t anything, the only thing I have seen is one puppy had rather pink skin. Has any one seen this reaction to frontline??
  8. Best Dog Biscuit Recipy

    Hi I'm making treats, just having fun watching the dogs reactions, they have loved all the ones i have done. thanks for the link to the recipe. my latest treat potato floure eggs parsly bacon (cooked) chicken stock mix together, back untill dry and golden (ps) the dough will crumble if you are not carfull.
  9. Hi all I have been doing some cooking experiments and making my own dog biscuts. i'm experamenting with grain free ones at the moment. has any one cooked their own dog bisucts and would like to shair??
  10. Is It Ok To Give Zytec For Allergies

    yep it works ok, my girl gets 4 two morning and two night she weighs 32kg
  11. Dog Eating Lemon Grass

    wow glad to know i'm not the only one with strange dogs thanks every one
  12. Dog Trainer And Job Availability

    Hi Erny i just don't particularly like the method, i have used it with cretin dogs and they have responded well to it, very fast learning on behalf of the dog, i just can't seem to get my own emotions around what i'm doing to the dog, it gets the results, usually the client has no problem with it i would just prefer to use a more positive reinforcement my personal preference. however my clients want quick see able training and it is extremely useful when you can't build drive in a dog because the owners are at their wits end and are about to dump the dog in a pound. i use all of the quodrients when needed. i'm not training assistance dogs, that have to do something regardless as someone’s life depends on the dog doing the activity, most people i deal with want a dog that 90% of the time dose what it is told. Yep my emotions get in the way How come, Petmezz? . Are you basing your opinion on the video footage example they gave (back in my day ..... many many years ago, they used video footage of the ear pinch method of training to hold a dumbbell) - I distinctly remember gasping when I watched it back then, and remember talking with the other of my class members and saying I didn't like that method either. It was further down the track that I got to realise how well Negative Reinforcement can work, but that it doesn't have to be the same as that of an ear pinch. (To be fair, we were told that by NDTF at the time also, but initially I couldn't imagine anything else.) Thing is now I see excellent work with excellent results in the use of the e-collar utilising low stimulation. No impact on muscular/skeletal as you would with any other training tool; low stress when done properly; ..... and I could go on. This isn't about the e-collar - I only bring that up because that's where I would use the negative reinforcement training methodology the most and so I use it as an example. I also don't mean to challenge : it is the prerogative of anyone to make choices about what training method they like, don't like, will or won't use. But I am genuinely interested to know why you "hate" negative reinforcement style learning.
  13. Dog Trainer And Job Availability

    enjoy it and have fun training your dogs
  14. Dog Trainer And Job Availability

    after doing NDTF my self, i recommend them. you have a fundamental right to say no to ANY training method, medical procedure, who pats your dog ect it is your responsibility to do what you feel is right by your dog. at NDTF you will need to use a check chain at some point, this course is so good because they teach all quadrants of reinforcement and punishment +R -R (i really really hate -R) +P and -P. you not only learn the theory but the practical side of things to, i recommend training with many many different dogs as posable, this will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different training methods, and how to merge them together to create faster more efficient training results. i did a similar thing to what you are thinking, i volunteered at the local pound, training the dogs their with basic manners and basic obedience. it is extremely rewording to see these dogs progress and be adopted. i prefer to use positive methods my self, however i did learn other methods through this course and it has helped me save peoples dogs because i could demonstrate quickly how to prevent the behavior happening with a small correction at the start of the behaviour, i offer a training method with minimal corrections and one with corrections and allow them to choose. Have fun and enjoy
  15. Ava Draft Policy On Importation

    i don't like this policy at all the way it is worded leaves a big open door for the potential to breed out many breeds of dogs. think about it, if BSL was scraped (bet it won’t be ) and this was in, what would be the next step for people on the animal liberation front be??? you can't import that GSD because GSD's are predisposed to be aggressive xyz evidence that it is a character of the breed. an incident happens in Australia and some one is bitten by a pet GSD media jumps on the story and a knee jerk reaction to declare GSD as DD supported with xyz evidence including the import restriction due to a pre disposition to aggressively respond especially with an unusual (suspect) stranger walking near or to the handler (a growl is coincided an aggressive behaviour) let alone evidence of schutzhound, police dogs ect doesn’t matter what dog savvy people know about schutzhound just showing a dog biting a sleeve will convince the general public with mass support for a complete ban on the breed. think of all the breeds this could be transferred to. the other problem is who dose the temperament test??? is their a magical place where dog behaviur is set in stone and is an exact science?? i personally would not trust a vet to do a temp test, sorry they are great with the medical side of things but not so good with the behaviour side of things, their are of course exceptions to this. but the good ones (behaviorists and vetenry behaviorist) are not going to be assessing temperaments for departing dogs, they make way to much money serving local clients with little possibility of a liability law suet following a grumpy importer and local breeder who by this time have already spent thousands and countless hours with paper work, medicals, sales contract, flight detailed ect. and then their is the development aspect of the dog, their is documented periods of development where a dog will go through a fear period, what happens if the TT happens in this time of development for the dog. a dog that reacts scared could fail the test as scared dogs are more likely to exhibit an aggressive response, if they choose to TT again at a later time valuable training time is lost and the dog could display fearful and potentially aggressive responses from lack of socialization due to a long time in the quarantine kennel with little exposure to new environments. and if something bad happens to the dog during one of its developmental fear periods in the TT their is a high very high possibility that the dog will always be scared in similar situations, potentially becoming fear aggressive due to past experience. it only takes one stupid person to destroy a good dog. rant over, think what you want (love GSD have a working line one with me )