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  1. Hi, we have a cattle x GSP aged 8 months and an older cattle dog aged 4 years, we have acreage and in the last two weeks the puppy has been bringing home all kinds of wildlife, rats, quails, bandicoots - she has just been playing with those no puncture wounds have been found obviously she was reprimanded but in the last two days has brought back large lizards (the common backyard kind) and is chomping and eating them running off when we try and get them off her. They have the run of the property and are free to roam , we have alot of bush. Our older dog never wanders far he is a housebound fellow and usually sits at the front and monitors the driveway for strangers he has never had this behaviour and looks at her like she's stupid. We have tried containing her in the house yard but she digs out every time (fast and deep digger) with snake season coming we are concerned she will wrangle a snake and the outcome wont be good; we also dont want her bringing a snake back to the house - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - we have spoken to a behaviourist who has given us some ideas but some are just not practical; including rehoming her. We are going to try extra feeds and bones during the day as suggested but if anyone has any other ideas please let me know. Thanks in advance
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