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  1. Thanks for your suggestion Boronia and Deeds. The vet was able to keep him up to 4 weeks and no one is allowed to drive into QLD (unless it's freight). After a few calls to interstate pet cemeteries and transport companies, no one was able to provide this service, especially for a large dog so I decided to get him cremated. Hopefully Victoria will get a pet cemetery soon, it is surely needed. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hi, My pet dog of 14 years sadly passed away last week. To make things worse I am currently trying to move back to QLD, which is quite difficult at this point in time due to the lockdowns. I would prefer a burial for him rather than cremation but can't seem to find any burial cemeteries in Victoria to be exhumed at a later date or transportation companies to send him to a cemetary in Qld. Any help would be appreciated thankyou.
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