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  1. Update on Taz. Thats the name of that old Tasmanian Devil cartoon character which goes into a tornado fit for no reason. We had the family over for a BBQ on Saturday (I'm not actually from VIC). Taz Palpatine bit 3 guests in one night, my sister, my nephew and my mum. So the next day my wife finally agreed that sending her to a rescue is a good idea.
  2. This whole story is just one tragedy. My wife grew up with dogs. Catman grew up with cats. Mum tells me a man threw a German Sheppard on my pram when I was 2. I was shit scared of dogs after that until I was about 14. Anyway my wife has said with a glowing smile for 15 years "oh you only don't like dogs because you've never had one. I can't wait until we get a dog and you learn to love it!" And then she brought home a cute little furball possessed by the devil.
  3. OK I better leave this forum because my way of communicating is upsetting people. The dog is not mistreated. She was trembling in the corner at puppy school, but if it makes you feel better thinking it's my fault then so be it. I don't know you and you don't know me so no harm done. Trust me if it were up to me I would give her away tonight. A sincere thankyou to everyone who has helped. If we can work it out Catman will update you with the good news.
  4. Oh I forgot to say. We are yellers - particularly wife and youngest. I'm assuming that's not good for the liitle paranabitch
  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Some good advice here about consistency. This is a huge issue. All 4 of us deal with her in a different way. It's all so hard to be consistent. The doorbell rings and who knows where she is? We all go into a panic Everytime there's a knock at the door. This is no way to live! Sorry if catman seems like a troll. Catman speak of putting little puppies in a sack is not how Catman behaves
  6. I'm struggling to remember all the advice. From memory it was: *Put the dog down or give it away - family won't let me *Keep it away from the door and people - that's our current strategy but our 8 and 11yr old boys keep forgetting to close the door or secure dog before opening - get a behaviour specialist - I looked into this but my wife said a "behaviourist vet" saw her when she was a puppy and said nothing will help but drugs. So should I try drugs? I know asking on a forum is a long shot....I'm just hoping someone out there will say "hey I had a psycho chihuahua once and you know what, I shoved a sardine up her nose and pinched her back and she never bit again"
  7. Hi Everyone My last topic was shut down a few weeks again. I don't know why as it was shut down so I missed the offending posts. Anyway to fill you in, my little crazy sociopath chihuahua is going even more bat bitch demonic by the day. This morning when I was at work liitle charlie mansion attacked and bit the neighbour, 8yr old boy, when he was visiting. His parents were cool about it but my wife was very embarrassed. My wife said she already took her to a vet behaviourist and was told little Hannibal Lector will never change. My wife refuses to have her put down. Got into a huge argument about it today. This dog is so freaking evil dumping a bucket of water on her head during an attack won't deter her. I just don't understand her. She gets in trouble for barking like a lunatic at the door but still does it. Her IQ must be about 5, or she is pure evil, like that guy in the white mask from Halloween. Anyway anyone have any tips for explaining to the Chihuahua not to bite people? What would her dog parents do if she attacked their friends?
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