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  1. Oh that doesn't sound very strict! Anyone could do that! Thanks for clarifying!
  2. Mind my ignorance but what does probationary only mean in these terms?
  3. Such a minefield this puppy searching! I might have to hold out for a ANKC breeder.
  4. Just realised the female is showing as sold and a different price to what I was given.
  5. Thank you. Yes I am wanting a guarantee as I have heard such horror stories and don't want to end up one of them. She is very cute and lovely temperament but I think quite expensive. I may have to pass on her and wait for ANKC breeder just so I can be certain.
  6. Thanks for that! I will ask to see the results for peace of mind! Am I right in saying that even if I see the results it doesn't guarantee it is full poodle? She is quite expensive yes, so don't want to make a costly mistake.
  7. Yes she is quite expensive, $7000. The mother is 3kgs and the dad 4kg. The mother was lovely temperament, but I am very much in the dark about what testing was provided, other than Orivet giving both parents the all clear. This is also the second litter to the same father, and second litter for the mother who is 2 years old. Is that too many red flags? I'm so unsure! She is very cute though!
  8. She said the parents have both been cleared by Orivet but I didn't see the results myself.
  9. I don't think she is registered with that, as she is selling on Gumtree and there is only mention of BIN and RPBA. Doesn't mention any papers or mains/limited, only that it is sold as pet only. This is the dogs second litter and I suspect a hobby breeder.
  10. I went to visit a litter of toy poodle puppies today and have fallen in love with this little girl. As I haven't had a poodle before, can anyone advise what to expect? I'm aware of all the grooming requirements but what are the personalities like? I met the mother who was a lovely red girl and super friendly, and apparently the father is an apricot but only saw a photo. With so many cross breeds, how can I also be 100% sure that this pup is indeed a full toy poodle?
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