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  1. Ok, so on Sunday our Shitz/toy poodle lashed out at our toy poodle, and took the front part of her eye off. Mad dash to the vet, and our poor little darling had to have her eye removed. My question here is...Do we have our xbreed destroyed (shes 9 and a little darling too), give her away to be in a household that she can be the only dog (we have 3) or try to find a daily calmative solution. I bought a muzzle yesterday for her, which she just swipes off, and doesnt keep it on. From my point of view , not a nice way to live, but she is intimidating the two smaller girls(both toy poodles) which is no good for them to live with. If some one could give me a positive review on a daily calmative, that will mellow her, Id appreciate it. I have apprehensions of giving her away, for a lot of worrying reasons, and also I feel it a total betrayal to her, but still trying to protect the other two girls. Very mixed feelings about the whole thing.
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