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  1. Good evening.We desperately need your help.Chapi-Toy Terrier. He will be 15 years old in March. For the last 2 years he has been sick. We've been to many doctors. They can not diagnose exactly. We live in Georgia. There's no MRI for animals.They don't do biopsies. The only treatment that helped was Dexamethasone andCeftriaxone. We periodically take these medicines, then rest. And so for two years.Chapi has very enlarged lymph nodes on the left side behind the ear, behind the jaw, and on the neck. Dexamethasone is already not as effective. Two months ago, we accidentally found one on the upperThe vet advised prednisolone but it does not help, by the way chemotherapy is not done for dogs in Georgia.We send photos of the neoplasm on the jaw, enlarged lymph nodes and the latest tests (on the basis ofBased on these tests the last vet said that it is a multicentric lymphoma).In general, the dog, given his age, mood and appetite are good.I understand that it is difficult to diagnose the dog remotely, without all the necessary examinations, but I beg you very much, please help and advise at least some treatment.Thank you.https://ibb.co/m9WNKjhhttps://ibb.co/swGHRKWhttps://ibb.co/6FPRQVHhttps://ibb.co/jTnJ3Bthttps://ibb.co/y8sSZQj
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