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  1. Hi guys l purcahased a Rottweiler pup from a breeder registered with Dogz Online in June, the first vet examination (3months )nothing was reported. We took her our Veterinarian 4months for her needles they noticed a heart mumur,this would be checked again at 5months, again the mumur was found and was suggested she should be taken to a heart specialist. We contracted the breeder she advised she had no dogs with a heart mumur or any of her puppies and she'll grow out of it. At 7months she was examined by the specialist via Ultrasound examination at a cost of $850 of her heart he found a narrowing of a artery. He advised that she would have a loss of energy and we should limit the amount of strenuous activities such as running. She will require lifetime monitoring to keep a eye on the heart He advised that we must tell the breeder asap that our pup had a hereditary fault passed on to her by one of her parents. We tried many times to contact the breeder left messages explaining the problem along with copies of the handout from the specialist explaining the disease, ..... finally we received a message saying she was sick. We waited for a couple of months and again tried many times left messages but no reply. But she can advertise her new litter of pups on line. What can I do l have a 9month old Rottweiler pup that cost $3,500 and can only run ┬Żlap around a oval then lay on the ground exhausted. Our breeder will not return our calls... The breeder should also be aware of the "Code of Practice for the breeding of animals"
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