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  1. Hi all, looking for some advice. Let me start by saying I am the biggest dog lover you will ever meet..I put my dogs before myself every single time. The recent decision I made is literally breaking me and I need your perspective. Myself and my partner were living a large house with a large backyard and worked altered shifts, we decided to get a GSD puppy and I put a lot of working into training and socialising. She was very, very strong for me and did pull me over a few times but I adored her and I was working so hard on making her the best pup. So when the dog was 10months old My partner ended our relationship for someone else. I was obviously devastated and had to move into a small apartment with the dog. The dog is a large breed GSD used to lots of space and trained as a guard dog to react to noise, she was up all night barking at every sound in my noisy apartment and running round my living room most of the night. I walked her two hours a day but she would not settle like she did in the previous home. After a lot of tears to my parents they advised that I should return her to the breeder to give myself some time. This time led to a month and the breeder rehomed her with my permission. She has been gone two months and I am filled with guilt about my decision, I wish I’d saw the bigger picture that maybe our lives would change and I would try and get us a bigger house. I feel like a terrible person. The dog is happy in her new home and her owner is with her every day (something that I would struggle to give her on my own) but I think about her missing me and being confused..I also feel that people must judge me and think I’m an awful person for giving up on such a beautiful animal who adored me, our relationship was so special. Should I try and get her back or just let her be? I very much doubt that they would give me her back but I think about it every minute of the day and wake up in tears. Please tell me your thoughts. I think it’s hitting me that I will never see her again.
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