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  1. Also can I give him raw egg on top of his dry food every day?
  2. omg the amount of toys my 8mo has gone through every one I have bought him, any cheaper alternative to KONG or any toys that a amstaff wont chew through in 10mins???
  3. I have a 8 month old Amstaff that is currently on Royal Canin Medium Puppy and my financial situation has changed quite a bit and I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Royal Canin for when he is 12 months that I can transition him to? I really cannot afford to pay $120 for 15kg its just not possible.
  4. Currently on to my local webvet in the meantime do I just give him water?
  5. Has anyone experienced there 5 month old throwing up solid kibble? My little guy for the last 2 days has been throwing up his kibble an hour after eating and having bouts of diarrhea but he isn't lethargic playing as usual? Should I be concerned?
  6. when we got him his breeder had him on stupid supermarket dry food Supercoat and puppy milk thats it
  7. I have a 16 week old male amstaff and just wanted to get others opinion on his food. He is currently on Royal Canin medium puppy 3x day, should I be giving him anything else?
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