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  1. Hi newbie here, Im not 100% sure of correct place to post this so apologies in advanced if it’s in the wrong area. Our 12yr male Border Collie is prone to elbow hygromas despite my every effort to prevent them. I’ve bought him an expensive orthopaedic bed and cheaper beds…but he insists on laying on the carpet or hard floor. In the past I have managed somehow to keep bandages on long enough for the swelling to reduce but this latest one, it doesn’t matter what I put on it or even wrapping the bandages under and over him….he still manages to lick them down and he has now licked the hygroma so much that it’s ruptured with all the fluid gone and he’s now got a gaping hole. I’ve been regularly cleaning it (using aseptic wound cleaning packets) with saline and applying Neocort cream with sterile dressings but I don’t know if I should continue with that and hope it heals or take him to the vet?. I am concerned about him having surgery due to his old age and his diabetes and other health problems due to his age. Any advice is greatly appreciated :)
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