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  1. Oh Anne, I am so sorry that your soul mate crossed the rainbow bridge - it is so difficult! I went through this a few years back when my rescue border collie and mate died in my arms. And thank you so very much for your reply. This seizure thing in dogs is new to me and Tobi and the rest of the gang have to learn to live with it. Vet on Wednesday to come up with a plan. Oh, found out that most pet insurances don't cover seizure management because it's a pre existing condition.
  2. Thank you Deeds for your reply. It is awful watching your dog having seizures and it's something new for me to deal with. I started a diary to record Tobis seizures and I will talk to my vet next week to come up with a plan.
  3. Hi people and hopefully a Happy New Year. Right away I want to say that I'm not looking for medical advice rather than hearing from BC owners telling me how they deal with it! And before you ask ...... Tobi does have an appointment with the vet!! I rescued Tobi (he's actually BC x Kelpie) 4 years ago when he was 9 month old after he was given to various people (including an elderly woman) as a pet and they couldn't deal with his temperament and was to be put down. Tobi comes from a sheep farm near Bathurst. Now living with me, another bc, a Kelpie and a German Shepherd he turned out to be a great dog. 6 month ago he had his first seizure and vet was going to put him on medication. I decided not to do this and tried hemp seed oil I heard a lot of good about it. For 6 month he was OK till last week when he had 2 very mild seizures during the night and another one the following day. Next day he slept it all off but since then his behaviour has changed! He refuses to get into the car (very unusual for him), he hardly responds to anything I taught him and he is hardly interested in his beloved ball. He also seems very sensitive to noise and touch. I grew up with dogs from Dachshounds to German Shepherds and I had dogs for most of my 64 years. I know how to deal with sick dogs as one of my GSDs had EPI but having to deal with a bc with seizures is new to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Oh, sorry about the long txt but I am so worried about Tobi.
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