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  1. Thank you all for the advice - it is very much appreciated ;; We've been to the vet a few times and the dog is not stolen thankfully. And I don't think the previous owner is lying about the dogs getting mixed up because the microchip number they did give us was very similar to his actual microchip number - just off by 3 numbers at the end. Also he is definitely a German spitz (checked his microchip number on the NSW registry) we don't really mind that he wasn't the breed that was advertised - as it's our bad for not doing more research. I'm going to attempt to contact German spitz breeder and try to track his breeder down. I also wanted to find out who the breeder was so I know what his conditions were before he got to the previous owner. I've called the local council about the issue - and they've suggested doing a statutory declaration, so I'll try that out.
  2. Is there any way to find a breeder by just the microchip number on the dog? We called the council but they said for private reasons they could not tell us the name on the microchip. For background to this issue - my sister found an ad for a pomshi (pomeranian x shiba inu) on Gumtree for 3.5K. She gets in contact with this person and we organize a meet up but at the previous owner's sister in law's house - we cannot find the house because she gave us the wrong address. The sister in law of the previous owner comes to our house instead and sells us the dog - only dropping off a vaccination card which says he's a German spitz. It turns out that the previous owner lied about the breed of the dog - but we bought him anyways. However, my questions about ownership transfer to the previous owner's number are brushed aside. Then she informs me that the breeder had sent her ownership of the wrong dog because the microchip information on the form was incorrect so she could not transfer the ownership. I ask her about what she had done to rectify this - and she has essentially done nothing. I also ask her who the breeder was so I could contact them about the issue - but this question goes ignored. I am also unaware of the name of the previous owner as she never gave the name to my sister. Just as a note - it's the responsibility of the previous owner under NSW law to transfer dog ownership. We have attempted to initiate dog transfer on our own but since we have no clue who the previous owner is/who the breeder is - I have no clue what to put on the ownership papers. Any help would be very much appreciated ;;;
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