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  1. Congratulations. I bet you are excited.
  2. I really hope he is returned safe and sound very soon. Fifi, I think Christina means this. Eye Problem
  3. I have a SsangYong Actyon Sports 4 x 4 Dual Cab Ute. It is about one month old now. This is a photo taken the day I bought it and it was clean. That was also one of the requirements for us too. I can give you the details once it has been completed and if/when we are happy with it if you would like. They are at Beverley. I can also let you know who not to use.
  4. Hopefully, google is my friend. I spent hours last night searching online for someone who would make a dog cage for me. I found a few possibilities. Today at work, I decided to ring one of them. This was the last company on my list but I decided to call them first for some reason. After talking to the owner, I found out that they actually make and install cages for a lot of the council ranger vehicles and the RSPCA amounst a lot of other things. I decided to drop in there after work today as I had an early finish. I was impressed with the owner. He measured up while I was there. When I told him exactly what I wanted, he said that it wouldn't be any problem. I am just waiting for the quote but I am pretty sure I will go ahead and have them do it.
  5. Thank you. I will give them a call.
  6. I have had the ute for about one month and I am about to contact ARB for more recommendations again. The people I was going to use have badly let me down and I would not recommend them to anyone again. Does anyone in Adelaide have any other recommendations?
  7. Can you message me the site please? Me too, please
  8. Thank you. I knew I should have entered to increase the numbers.
  9. They are a fantastic breed to own but be aware, they are addictive.
  10. Could you please let me know Norwegian Elkhounds?
  11. Thanks Miranda. I have sent them an email as well.
  12. Thank yoiu. I have emailed PP as well.
  13. Thanks JP. I have sent them an email.
  14. I know that they should be low sudsing. bump :D
  15. I have just ordered a new hydrobath and I am after some suggestions for shampoos to use with it and also amounts to use. Elkhound's undercoats are supposed to be soft and they have a course outer coat. I want something that will also help to keep their whites sparkling white. HamiltonStovare also have similar coat types to the Elkies.