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  1. Custom Cages For The Back Of Utes

    Congratulations. I bet you are excited.
  2. Chi Stolen From Adelaide Royal

    I really hope he is returned safe and sound very soon. Fifi, I think Christina means this. Eye Problem
  3. Custom Cages For The Back Of Utes

    I have a SsangYong Actyon Sports 4 x 4 Dual Cab Ute. It is about one month old now. This is a photo taken the day I bought it and it was clean. That was also one of the requirements for us too. I can give you the details once it has been completed and if/when we are happy with it if you would like. They are at Beverley. I can also let you know who not to use.
  4. Custom Cages For The Back Of Utes

    Hopefully, google is my friend. I spent hours last night searching online for someone who would make a dog cage for me. I found a few possibilities. Today at work, I decided to ring one of them. This was the last company on my list but I decided to call them first for some reason. After talking to the owner, I found out that they actually make and install cages for a lot of the council ranger vehicles and the RSPCA amounst a lot of other things. I decided to drop in there after work today as I had an early finish. I was impressed with the owner. He measured up while I was there. When I told him exactly what I wanted, he said that it wouldn't be any problem. I am just waiting for the quote but I am pretty sure I will go ahead and have them do it.
  5. Custom Cages For The Back Of Utes

    Thank you. I will give them a call.
  6. Custom Cages For The Back Of Utes

    I have had the ute for about one month and I am about to contact ARB for more recommendations again. The people I was going to use have badly let me down and I would not recommend them to anyone again. Does anyone in Adelaide have any other recommendations?
  7. Man Charged Over Puppy Fraud

    Can you message me the site please? Me too, please
  8. Adelaide Royal 2010

    Thank you. I knew I should have entered to increase the numbers.
  9. Norwegian Elkhound

    They are a fantastic breed to own but be aware, they are addictive.
  10. Adelaide Royal 2010

    Could you please let me know Norwegian Elkhounds?
  11. Thanks Miranda. I have sent them an email as well.
  12. Thank yoiu. I have emailed PP as well.
  13. Thanks JP. I have sent them an email.
  14. I know that they should be low sudsing. bump :D
  15. I have just ordered a new hydrobath and I am after some suggestions for shampoos to use with it and also amounts to use. Elkhound's undercoats are supposed to be soft and they have a course outer coat. I want something that will also help to keep their whites sparkling white. HamiltonStovare also have similar coat types to the Elkies.