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    Agility, Obedience, Flyball, Herding, Tricks, Therapy Dog visits, sheep, alpacas, poultry

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  1. Birds!

    Pelican by Diane, on Flickr Lake Weeroona by Diane, on Flickr Nankeen Night Heron by Diane, on Flickr Blue Faced Honeyeater by Diane, on Flickr Buff-banded Rail by Diane, on Flickr
  2. Rok

    One more... Grass by Diane, on Flickr
  3. Birds!

    Thank you. The honeyeaters were at Werribee Zoo. There were a lot of them! The Red Hot Pokers were very popular.
  4. Rok

    :) Play by Diane, on Flickr Favourite Spot by Diane, on Flickr Sitting by Diane, on Flickr Rok by Diane, on Flickr
  5. Rok

    Thanks for the compliments :) . A few more photos of Rok. Rok by Diane, on Flickr Rok by Diane, on Flickr 'Bone' by Diane, on Flickr Come! by Diane, on Flickr
  6. Birds!

    Red rumped parrot Red-rumped Parrot by Diane, on Flickr New Holland Honeyeaters New Holland Honeyeaters by Diane, on Flickr Red Wattlebird Red Wattlebird by Diane, on Flickr Musk Lorikeet Musk Lorikeet by Diane, on Flickr Chestnut Teal Chestnut Teal by Diane, on Flickr
  7. Our Dogs

    I've been away from Dogzonline for awhile (marriage & kids), so thought I'd share some photos of our current dogs. This is our oldest, Fox (13 years). Fox by Diane, on Flickr Desmond (11 years). Des by Diane, on Flickr Sam (9 years). Sam by Diane, on Flickr And Rok (6 months). Rok by Diane, on Flickr
  8. Rok

    Introducing Rok, our little 6 month old Terrier. Rok's Stick by Diane, on Flickr Rok by Diane, on Flickr Rok by Diane, on Flickr
  9. Help With Dry Coat

    Fox's dryish coat returned to being soft, sleek and shiny after I added a whole egg to his diet given every two or three days. I also feed Fish Oil which I think helps...
  10. Kelpies

    Kora's a very pretty little girl! I love her expression in the last photo.
  11. Swedish Vallhund

    Thanks for sharing that LisaJ and what a nice story about the boy in the wheelchair ;) .
  12. Herding & Zee

    He's so cute! I look forward to meeting him one day .
  13. Swedish Vallhund

    Thanks corvus. I was actually eyeing the bigger pup from the litter you chose Erik from. It sounded like he may have been therapy dog material...but of course I was nowhere near ready for my next dog right then. It'll probably be around 5 years before I'm ready (after Hope's gone).
  14. Swedish Vallhund

    How do you think a SV would be for Agility? And as a Therapy Dog? And have the temperament to do both well? (Researching my next dog) And how much herding instinct is still floating around in Australia's SVs? Are there any trialling in herding in Australia?
  15. Kelpies

    aussielover, my youngest Kelpie, Link is great with other dogs and often plays with Labs at the dog park, loving the rough shoving and tumbling. I think it's a very individual thing and if you aim to save a rescue, you should be able to 'vet' him first and maybe even take your Lab to meet him. All 3 of my dogs are rescues, with both Kelpies being very different from each other. Fox is quite aloof with dogs he doesn't know, but enjoys a gentle game with his doggy friends but Link has never met a dog he doesn't immediately consider a friend.