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  1. Will start doing that first thing tomorrow
  2. Totally understood. Will surely start making him walk in the park or grassy surface. For paw pads they are saying that we don't need to do anything. They will come off the paw themselves after a few days. But still it is a glue substance that is why I was scared of using it. Will continue with the training only and one day will make him wear those shoes comfortably.
  3. Because of the hot grounds only I was looking for shoes, but he is refusing to wear them.
  4. He is 10 years old. I had him since the past 6 years. I got him from a breeder.
  5. Training is all I am doing for the past 2 months. Let's see how much more time it will take. I think he is having trouble wearing the shoes. Shoes are definitely not made for him. The surface he is walking on is very plain and the speed is very normal. I have reduced the length of the walks, but I still think that shoes will be best for precaution. I came across this article the other day: https://doggyshoe.com/dog-non-slip-paw-traction-grip-pads/, do you think it is a nice idea to introduce paw pads to him. They are saying that pads will be less irritating and dog's love them.
  6. I own a corgi. As per normal walking behavior I know that he should be walking for more than 30 minutes. But, whenever I take him out for a walk then in max 30 mins his pads start bleeding. I took him to my vet and he recommended me to make him wear shoes or boots. Now it has been more than 2 months but he still refuses to wear them, I make him wear it and he just removes it from his paws and throws them away. Does anyone have any better option?
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