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  1. a Blue Heeler is the nickname we give Australian cattle dogs, they are one and the same.. An Australian cattle dog, who weighs roughly 15kg, was bred to herd cattle in the aussie outback and heat. A single cow can weigh between 800-1200kg. The way a cattle dog herds them is very different to a Border Collie (because the cows don't move from fear of presence) and they force them to move by nipping and snapping at the cows hocks, this is VERY hard to train out of them, not impossible, but very hard even for experience handlers. If there are no cows to herd, then the dog usually uses that on others things. So i would def not recommend a cattle dog for a novice dog, unless you can find a breeder who has tried to breed that trait out or has very placid dogs. our ankc websites have a dog breed selecting questionnaire which will match a breed to your lifestyle, not on attraction. please put the full mental and physical needs of the dog before your daughter attraction to it
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