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  1. Hi All, thank you for your help. I haven't contacted them as yet as I thought I would try and find her a suitable place first. I am planning to do that today. Even yesterday I went to a big dog park at 10.30am after the morning rush, and as soon as she sees a white fluffy little dog, her instinct kicks in. I have to put her back on lead. I really don't want anything bad to happen as she is a beautiful dog but she needs to be able to run around. Thanks Rose
  2. Hi All, I am new to the page and would love some help rehoming a Catahoula. I rescued Tiger from AWLQ 4 months ago and she is a beautiful dog. However I can see that she needs to be on a property or big yard. I am on the Gold Coast and my small yard is not big enough for her, which I was able to deal with initially as I walk her or take her to the park to run around. Yesterday I took her up Tamborine Mountain and she started crying in the back of the car, which in the 4 months she has never done. I realised, and through other times, that this is her natural instinct. She loves and interacts beautifully with other dogs. If the dog looks like a rabbit etc then she will chase. If the dog has a coat similar to a sheep then she will herd. I really want what is best for her. AWLQ advised she was found during the Bryon Bay floods and then taken to the pound and then to AWLQ shelter. I am wondering if someone in that region is missing their working dog. The recuse suggested she is between 1-2 years of age. Thanks in advance Rose
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