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  1. http://injuryprevention.bmj.com/content/18/Suppl_1/A3.2.abstract?etoc "Breed did not appear to be a factor " S
  2. http://injuryprevention.bmj.com/content/early/2012/06/29/injuryprev-2012-040389.abstract?papetoc S
  3. http://www.mja.com.au/public/issues/195_11_121211/kim11319_fm.html S
  4. Sort of related, but a good read anyway (you can read Chap 1 for free). Panic by David Marr http://ebooks.readings.com.au/product/9781921870477 S There is also an extract here: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/the-great-debate-that-no-ones-talking-about-20111203-1ocag.html where he writes:
  5. And this as well: VCAT to rule on death sentence for 'restricted breed' dogs http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/vcat-to-rule-on-death-sentence-for-restricted-breed-dogs-20111206-1oh83.html S
  6. Hugh Wirth has also changed his tune: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/changing-perceptions-in-the-hugh-and-cry-over-pit-bulls-20111206-1oh81.html S
  7. If you haven't done the survey yet do it now. S
  8. http://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/moreton/moreton-bays-move-to-ban-breed-divides-opinion/story-fn8m0yu3-1226195914670 More on this story from last week. S
  9. http://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/moreton/pitbull-terriers-banned-by-moreton-bay-regional-council/story-fn8m0yu3-1226189192309 I give up! S
  10. Follow up article today: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/opinion/theres-no-room-for-this-cruelty/story-e6frerdf-1226165210641 S
  11. The AVA has taken a strong stand. They did so in testimony to the committee that was formulating the legislation and continue to take the same stand. http://www.ava.com.au/newsarticle/new-dog-laws-victoria Dog groups haven't capitalised on this stand. According to the incredible Herald Sun, the AVA continues to hold the same position. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/wrong-dogs-to-suffer-under-law-australian-veterinary-association/story-fn7x8me2-1226139938587 Having stated that breed cannot be determined visually and DNA tests are unreliable, the AVA cannot recommend that its members do breed determinations. They don't seem to be forbidding vets from doing so . . . so finding the 'right' vet may become like finding the right doctor was for avoiding the draft during the Vietnam War. From the AVA 19 Sept 2011 http://www.ava.com.au/11045 S
  12. That's not my take on it... These laws are extremely draconian, reckless in controling your "dangerous" breed dog (even if you know its harmless), can result in 5 years prison- that's in the absence of any attack. Maybe just letting it off the leash at the beach may get you 5 years prison, no matter how well behaved and socialized the dog is. These laws are OUTRAGEOUS. The point I was making was the dog has to be a declared Dangerous, menacing or restricted dog for the legislation to take affect. In how many cases on the past has this been the case? S
  13. New legislation is here: http://www.legislation.vic.gov.au/domino/Web_Notes/LDMS/PubPDocs.nsf/ee665e366dcb6cb0ca256da400837f6b/280A7ABA6DD14BDECA25790A0011E320/$FILE/571189bi1.pdf The chance of anyone ever being found guilty seems extremely unlikely. Just basically more fluff from the Vic gov. S
  14. I received this reply from the DPI regarding the application of the guidelines: So basically anything goes. S
  15. Misleading quote, they don't have the power to immediately destroy your dog without going through the proper process. S
  16. There's a good overview of genes and environment in relation to both animal & human behaviour here. http://www.biologyreference.com/Ar-Bi/Behavior-Genetic-Basis-of.html What you need to be arguing is the disconnection between physical appearance and behaviour. see: http://nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com/uploaded_files/tinymce/Irizarry%20viewpoint.pdf S
  17. Sticky

    Ukc Contact

    They need to be notified again as they won't realise what is happening. Here is the UKC standard: http://www.ukcdogs.com/WebSite.nsf/Breeds/AmericanPitBullTerrierRevisedNovember12008 S
  18. New on the DPI website. No insight on how the standard should be applied though. Frequently Asked Questions – Restricted Breed Dogs http://new.dpi.vic.gov.au/pets/dog-care/restricted-breed-dogs/frequently-asked-questions-restricted-breed-dogs S
  19. Looking for resources to use in your letter writing? Have a look here: http://nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com/dog-legislation/ineffective-laws/ S
  20. Anyone know how this standard will be applied? It implies that a dog has to meet all the criteria. S
  21. The certificate only applies to Amstaffs: S
  22. How do they intend to apply this? There is no guidance in the standard. S
  23. I think you are referring to the speech by Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) , Lender didn't say much of any consequence in his speech. S
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