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  1. What if there really IS something wrong with her? What if we get a behaviour expert & meds etc and for an while everything SEEMS to be going along ok but then one day she just snaps. Except then she’s bigger & stronger. What if she has some neurological problem that is leading to this behaviour? We did not get her from a registered breeder. She came to us through a person I worked with who said that her cousin’s dog had a litter of English staffy puppies. There was one little girl left who desperately needed a loving home. The other 5 had all found homes. I was told that both parents had papers but the puppy did not. I had been wanting a staffy puppy for years & I fell in love with her little face, so I agreed to adopt her. I THOUGHT I was doing a good thing by giving a home to a puppy in need. In hindsight, I now realise that it was probably a heart decision & not a head decision. I have no idea about her background or breeding. She could be inbred for all I know. Thinking about what you have said Dogsfevr, she did come from a house with small children (2 under the age of 3) and it did seem that the kids were a bit wild - even for little ones. It was a small villa so she wouldn’t have had much room to escape from the kids either. I think our only decision here is whether to rehome her or if that is too risky. I’m so worried that if I rehome her - even to a home with only adults - what happens if one day a kid comes up to her & she decides to bite? Out of the blue like she has done with my son. I’m considering contacting a rescue group to see what they think I should do. Obviously with full disclosure about what has been happening up until now.
  2. We never leave him alone with the puppy. This happens when we are in the room. We actually watched her do it about 4 times - running & attacking him - before we realised what was happening. Initially we assumed she was playing with him. We were horrified when we noticed she was actually attacking him. She wasn’t scared by her posture. Her tail was up & rigid & her teeth were bared. I forgot to say that she had been getting more aggressive with our cat. She has started jumping on his back & trying to grab the back of his neck. Yesterday she really hurt him because he screamed. We have a 5 year old mastiff x who is a gentle giant & when she plays with him she grabs him by the neck as well. Once again, we assumed due to her age that this was just rough play. She is black brindle coloured.
  3. Our little staffy is 4 months old. I have tried many of the methods to house train as suggested on the internet. Taking her outside every hour, giving treats when she goes outside but it doesn’t seem to work. We have another dog - 4 year old mastiff X, but obviously she isn’t following his lead so to speak. She comes straight back inside & pees again. She pees on the dog bed that she shares with her brother as well. She actually seems to intentionally pee on the bed. We adopted her from a bit of a hectic situation when she was 10 weeks old. She was allowed to pee & poop inside wherever & whenever she liked. She also poops all over the place & generally only on that concrete. I think this may be because where she came from they only had concrete outside. I’m not too sure what I can do to help her out with learning to pee outside. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  4. Thank you everyone for the tips. We’ve started taking her to the dog park to socialise her early & let her have a bit of a sniff around. We do have a crate for her & she does seem to enjoy going in there for her naps. When she’s very tired I put her in there & let her sleep.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I actually didn’t know that. We only walk her for about 15 minutes- just around the block - to get her used to being out & about. It obviously tires her out though!
  6. Thanks so much for the advice Rebanne. I realised that on both occasions this has happened has been after we’ve taken her on a walk. She’s obviously super tired after that so maybe I’ll crate her after we get back for a while to give her a chance to rest. She’s got a beautiful nature & is very friendly so I know it’s not a reflection on her temperament. I just don’t want my poor son to get bitten.
  7. My 12 week old staffy puppy was woken up suddenly by my 2.5 year old son. She growled & jumped up and bit him on the face. The same thing happened yesterday except she bit him on the hand. I’m so worried about what I should do. I watch them together but sometimes he’s too quick for me.
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