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  1. Hi Silentchild, I use Canon so can not comment on the Nikor 50mm 1.8 but the Canon equivalent is cheap and crappy in my opinion. For action shots I would be leaning towards a zoom lens (55-300mm or similar), depending on the price you want to spend will depend on the quality you can get. If I was looking at getting a prime lens (like the 50mm) I would lean more towards 100mm lens. As for shooting in Jpeg or Raw it will depend on if you have a good editing program as all RAW photos will require some editing. Using just Jpeg will allow you to upload photos straight from your camera without h
  2. WOW I am so amazed at everyone's amazing photos. Sorry I haven't been on for a few weeks but my photography business is starting to take off and have been busy snapping away 16/52 17/52 re-enactment at Old Tailem Town 18/52 I was commissioned to take photos for our local Carpet Court store 19/52 My first Newborn shoot Leanne
  3. wow Kirislin that mist photo is really creepy, looks like a horror movie Teekay beautiful shot, whenever I get back from chasing the sunrise/sunset I was think to myself that I should not do this alone but no one is every around or wants to come with me lol A few more taken over the last few months. sun reflecting off a window Leanne
  4. Tyhank you all. WOW guys, I am loving all these fantastic photos. Canetoad your photos are amazing and I really appreciate you sharing them :) Possumcorner I love your view from your kitchen and that lightening photo is awesome. Persephone great shots especially for a phone, mine always look yuk on the phone. Leanne
  5. I love taking photos of landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. Here are a few from my campsite over the Easter weekend. I would love to see yours :D Leanne a little ray of sunshine storms a brewing golden hour last of the days light
  6. Loving all the fantastic photos. There is so much talent on this page My photos of the blood moon before the clouds took over :) Hoping everyone had an awesome Easter. Leanne
  7. Happy Easter everyone Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter Looking forward to seeing everyone's weekend photos. 12/52 13/52 My son in his motocross gear :) Leanne
  8. WOW loving all the photos, it is fantastic to see such diversity in what people photograph. missed last week...sorry week 10/52 cousin with her new horse Jelly at their first show together week 11/52 gorgeous caramel Toy Poodle pup, loved photographing this little man :D Leanne
  9. week 9/52 quick visit to the wetlands to catch the late afternoon light only to have dark menacing clouds roll in as I get there White Faced Heron Rainbow Bee-eater, first time I have seen these guys :) Leanne
  10. Thank you Canetoad, Ranga and Teekay :D Great waterfalls Teekay, wow so much more water this time. I am hoping to find some water falls this winter as I would love to have a go at long exposure with water falls, just have to try and find some :) Leanne
  11. Thank you all for the kind words on my sunrise photos. Waking up early is becoming a habit lately (and not a wanted habit either), this weeks photo is another sunrise taken a couple days ago. I think this heat is driving me insane :laugh: again putting up 2 photos taken 10 minutes apart, the sun rises so quickly. 8/52 Leanne
  12. Helen - beautiful photos, especially love the first one, oh and Tilly. Trifecta - it is amazing how calm everyone looks considering how much is going on at the races, great pic of the cat, something has certainly caught his/her eye. Grumpette - awww cute valentine photos and great close ups of the bees. Shewolf - what a gorgeous old girl, I especially like the second photo, great close up of Hubby. Terri - wow Didi looks so huge from that angle, great shot. Maddogdodge - Bubbles looks like she has certainly found her home and is very content, your rain photo almost looks like snow flur
  13. Fantastic photos, you have captured his cheeky expressions beautifully. Leanne
  14. Loving all the great photos Lisa Luka is stunning, love this shot. Grumpette love your Rotts especially the group photo. Denali great photo of the Kookaburra. Terri great shots of Didi, I know your pain with black dogs SheWolf I hope Dewey is better and home from the vets. teekay great shot of Mya, love the vibrant colours in the background trifecta great rainbow shot, love the colours of the trees in the middle Anniek love the extremely relaxed greyhound :D Tay amazing photos of Jess, she certainly doesn't look impressed with you in the second one :laugh: Canetoad love the s
  15. I am loving looking at everyone's photos week 6/52 my eldest son Leanne
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