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  1. Just had to send them a message to take down a misleading ad - had to give my email address - waiting to see how long it will take them to start asking me for money.
  2. Alternative to a "groodle"

    Polish Lowland Sheepdog - low shedding, great with kids (if raised with them), medium sized, shaggy look
  3. Exactly Scappie & Monty, dogs bark! I'm convinced most dog owners in the Council area are unaware of this policy change.
  4. I have recently become aware of a change in dog policy for residents of Port Stephens Council. The policy was changed and implemented in August 2017. Under the new policy if your dog barks before 7am or after 8pm - your dog can be deemed "offensive". If your dog emits 3-4 barks, more than three times in a day (eg 9am 3 barks; 12 noon 3 barks; 5pm 3 barks) and somebody complains - your dog can be deemed "offensive", and you can be fined. The threshhold for this apparently (according to Council) is as simple as somebody reading a book and needing to lift their head because your dog barks. I cannot believe that this type of policy was allowed to be implemented! It is inconsistent with the Companion Animals Act and basic common sense. I would be interested to hear from other dog owners in Port Stephens; or anybody that has challenged Council policy and had a positive outcome.
  5. I have just started herding and agree, nothing better than watching your dog switch on and do what they were originally bred to do. I found the natural instinct amazing. No traditional training, when one sheep split from the group he knew how to bring it back in.
  6. The "want" List

    Definitely more PONs, would love a caramel or chocolate colored, and all white. Also love the PBGs, look like such fun dogs. Not enough human years left to meet all the dog lives I'd like 😕
  7. Nsw To Ban Greyhound Racing From July 2017

    The NSW government is now running a taxpayer funded advertisement to justify their position. If Baird is so convinced he is right, why the need for a publicity campaign. What a waste of government funds. When it first came on I thought it would be endorsed by PETA or the like, was surprised to see it was a govt funded ad.
  8. The Dogs Of Dol

    Harley is 11 months old, Aussie bred from polish parents 😀 The PON is Polski Owczarek Nizinny ! ! Don't ask me to pronounce it.😀
  9. The Dogs Of Dol

    This is my youngest, Harley. Harley is a Polish Lowland Sheepdog (PON). A total comedian who has recently passed his herding instinct test. Now just waiting for the sheep! Love this little guy :D
  10. Tips On Getting In To Showinh

    Pups can be entered from 3 months of age. Best to chat with your breeder, they will be able to guide you.
  11. Traveling On Spirit Of Tasmania

    Allerzeit does anybody attempt to swap the dogs around? How can you cram in a large dog into a small pen.
  12. Traveling On Spirit Of Tasmania

    :D I m looking at the boat as I've had some bad experiences in the past flying dogs......watching my dog in his crate falling off the back of the trailer on the Tarmac
  13. I am looking at taking a trip to Tassie with a young pup and wondering if anybody can let me know the for and against between the kennels provided and leaving him in e car. Specifically I'm interested in the security arrangements of the kennels.....are they locked? What access do people have to your dog? With the car, do they have to be in a crate or can they sleep on the back seat? Is the ventilation good if they are in the car? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. I have fed raw for many years, which includes veggies ground through a processor. I usually give spinach, pumpkin, carrot, celery and broccoli. I also feed raw egg, sardines, minced beef and chicken, chicken necks and wings. Wheat germ, Brewers yeast, flaxseed oil and coconut oil are also given......not every meal. There is a book by dr Ian billinghurst that outlines the thinking behind the feeding plan.
  15. I am sorry to hear your precious baby is unwell. I do not have any experience with this type of diagnosis or medication, just wish you well. It is so hard to come to terms with is type of diagnosis, 10 years is still so young for a hardy terrier.