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  1. Litters Due In July 2012

    Lol yup you were well done :)
  2. Litters Due In July 2012

    LOL!!! Your the best Aunt ever!!!! All over it!
  3. Litters Due In July 2012

    nearly ready to pop
  4. Litters Due In July 2012

    How many bubbas?
  5. Litters Due In July 2012

    We have a keeshond litter due on the 11th of July
  6. Gr Ch Benshiva Dot Com

    Oh Mel! There will always only be one Webster!
  7. Rehoming - Thoughts

    I would tend to agree that certain breeds are happier to adjust to new circumstances. I guess the thing is, what makes responsible breeders decisions to rehome any more valid than those of a pet home.... Pet Home - Had a baby dont have enough time now (Breeder - Had another litter, too many dogs, dont have enough time for all the dogs) Pet Home - Had to move new place wont accept dogs (Breeder - Was too old to show or breed, wanted a retirement home) Pet Home - Grew too big doesnt fit in my lifestyle now. (Breeder - Didn't grow to be show quality, need to make way for something that is) I understand that in a lot of cases breeders put their heart and soul into making the gut wrenching decision to ensure that dog is going to get a better lifestyle than they are currently getting, and it would appear that pet owners are quick to dump at a pound or not screen prospective new homes to the level we would perhaps aspire to. I also understand that not all breeders would agree with the above reasons for rehoming, however I can guarantee they are common reasons pet owners and breeders do rehome their dogs. When you look at it like that I guess I dont see so much the difference between the reason why as to the how, exactly as Espinay said.
  8. Rehoming - Thoughts

    Whipitgood..I can see every point from both sides of this as a reasonable statement to make,..... Do you personally get that instant disheartened feeling when you hear of pet owners rehoming their dogs because of whatever paticular circumstance caused them to do so?
  9. Rehoming - Thoughts

    Hi All, Just general thoughts here. Some breeders over the duration of their time with their individual breeds will rehome paticular dogs due to multiple cicrumstances, perhaps looking for a retirement home, at a Junior age didn't turn out as expected, numbers get too high and tough decisions need to be made to move forward, so on and so forth. I understand that this can be a controversial topic in the best of circumstances, for the purposes of this discussion we are presuming that we are 'pro' rehoming for whatever the circumstance may be. My question is as breeders it is largely frowned upon when a pet owner rehomes, to generalise the consensus appears to be the negativity due to the decision not being an 'acceptable' reason from our point of view. I am opening the floor for all thoughts on this, I am not posing a paticular opion on it personally, just interested in thoughts from others?
  10. Keeshon Rescue?

    How are we going with this?
  11. Vet Nurse - Wages - Supporting Self

    Yup probably won't get you very far...but to put it into perspective the repayments on $140 000 would look something like $220/week. That leaves, $330 for rates, electricity, water, food, phones, mobiles, petrol, rego, christmas, etc etc etc That $330 will soon be gone...
  12. Vet Nurse - Wages - Supporting Self

    Hi All, Just thought I would add a bit of perspective on the home loan front. ( I am a lender ) I can tell you exactly a single person with no children on an income of $32000 with no other debts has a borrowing capacity of $125 000 Variable or $142 000 Fixed. Hope that helps.
  13. Type Vs Conformation

    I am not sure that I agree Typey is 'fashion', type to me is what makes a breed 'type', what makes a breed 'unique'... Nothing to do with whether or not big coats are in this season etc. Just my interpretation
  14. Type Vs Conformation

    I like that quote.... I think in breeds where the gene pool is limited its hard and/or you throw in a 3rd wheel being health issues. When you are trying to pick a dog/bitch with a line free of health issues, that is sound and typey sometimes can really be a task in itself, you arne't willing to throw the baby out with the bath water so what do you do. Lose the characteristics of the dogs that make them 'that' breed, to have a sound, healthy dog. I think where people have the option, they would just take small steps in what they hope to be the right direction and PRAY that no recessives bite em in the butt I truly dont know if there is a 'right' answer to this question, they are right when they say, you can have a sound healthy mutt, that is a mix of 50, you can have an unsound dog displaying every hall mark of the breed. You can have a sound, type dog with everything going for it with a pedigree riddled with health issues. Which point do you sacrifice to move forward. (Note: For the purpose of this discussion, for 'type' I am referring to breed charecteristics that are somewhat aesthetic the spots that make a dally a dal... the spectacles of a keeshond, the rolls of a sharpei, the colour and coat of an OES etc, the things that make that breed unique.)
  15. Type Vs Conformation

    My question is more faced with if these were your two options full stop, whether due to limited gene pool... As a judge these are the two dogs presented in the ring etc. Perhaps you have the ideal bitch, but the dogs you are faced with either have one or the other...all dogs have faults I hear quite a lot any mutt can be sound but it doesn't distinguish a breed, therefore type is more important.. Unfortunately it would seem this is the reality for some breeds with a smaller gene pool they dont have the luxury of having it all.